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*product was received free for review

The RLB Art Box Studio Box is a monthly subscription box from the art studio of Rachel Berlin that sends you a kit of supplies to create your very own work of art. Subscriptions are $25 monthly

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the RLB Art Box Studio. I think it’s super cool that it almost feels like we are “deconstructing” this. 
Everything that we received in our RLB Art Box Studio kit this month. 
We are making a quilled paper snowflake… there are little hearts in our eyes right now.
We have to admit that we fawn over paper quilling and while we don’t think we’ll ever be “Paper Quill Extraordinaires” we are excited to try our hands at it!

So what is all this stuff?

All of our box inserts. There was a lot of information included that helped us to understand how to actually do the paper quilling.
Blue & White Paper Strips
These are the actual papers that we’ll be quilling. And we have a choice of blue or white. Obviously once we do this project to completion we’ll know how to quill, and if we choose to could make paper strips ourselves of any color and continue with what we’ve learned!
Orange Stick
I have no real clue if that’s the technical term for this item. I know that is what my Mom called this when I was a kid and she used it for her nails. This is what we will be coiling the strips of paper around
Just another tool we could use for quilling – different tools help us achieve different sizes and shapes. 
Popsicle Stick
With a flat stick we can achieve cool triangular shapes!
For perfect placement and moving the delicate papers around
White & Blue Matte Boards
These are our surfaces where we will apply our quilled paper snowflakes. Obviously, if we use white paper we’ll use the blue board and vice versa
Tacky Glue
To glue on our snowflakes!
The straw is yet another tool with which we can form our paper quills.
Faux Snow
To decorate our matte boards once we’ve created our quilled paper snowflakes
Tombow Glue Pen
This is a new thing for me, I didn’t know a glue pen was something that existed in our universe! Super cool, and can totally see myself using this for things completely unrelated to paper quilling!

So now what? 

Now we start the quilling process and since this is my first time we’re going to be learning together!
I chose to use the blue board with the white strips first
Using the stick I started making circular coils and the flat stick I made some triangular quills as well
Using the tacky glue I attached them to the paper (I just followed the picture that they sent) I realized pretty quickly that while this is an art the actual techniques are things you sort of come up with on your own. It takes patience but it’s pretty fun. I then folded some strips to create the outside edge of the snowflake as you can see above
Then there was some more curling and cueing and then I dumped all my faux snow on it! Love it!
(I used to glue pen to glue the teardrop shaped pieces of paper)
Voila! My finished Quilled Paper Snowflake! It isn’t perfect…. but it’s perfectly imperfect just like me!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Presentation and quality are great. Everything is very nice and the instructions are well thought out. We love that the opening of the box is very streamlined and almost minimalist. Curation though, is what is amazing about the RLB Art Box Studio. They’ve come up with an amazing project and not a run of the mill one either. We honestly couldn’t have been more excited about paper quilling. This is an original and fun art project that you can show people and be excited about! I loved this box and had so much fun doing it!
As far as box economy as with any box like this one the price we pay isn’t for the items we receive but for the curation and procurement of the original ideas and information that is included We feel $25 a month is a good price for that!

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