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*product was received free for review

Okashda is a Japanese Snack Subscription Box that sends you a monthly box of mystery snacks directly from Tokyo. There are two different subscription options, the Puchibox which is $20 and has 6-8 snacks or the Okibox which is $30 and contains 12- 15 snacks

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Okashda Subscription Box
Look at those happy animals.. they must love these snacks!
Everything that we received in the December Okashda Subscription Box
We have to say that not only are we excited and intrigued by all of these fun and colorful snacks – we are hungry to boot – so bring it on!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that tells us not only what we received in the Puchibox but also teases you with the possibilities you could have received in the Okibox
The Christmas Special – two fruit flavored lollipops. One has a Santa and the other has a Snowman on the wrapper
“We always produce potatochips for all customer’s smiles” proudly declares the packaging for these complexly flavored potato chips
This site is the one they link us to… and I have no idea what I’m reading there. It’s a factory for beef I presume, probably the cutest factory EVER. 
The chips taste of savory and slightly sweet? They are “beef” flavored but as you all know traditionally with meat flavored things they really taste mostly of the flavoring that’s used. 
Cool packaging. These little pouches of gummies are fun because you can keep them in your bag as a snack for yourself on the go or to keep the kids happy when you are out doing your errands
I love the backs of these packages almost as much as I love the front!
The gummies are sweet like pear cider but have a slightly fizzy taste. Oliver loved these… he was my taste tester partner in crime
Meito Pukupuku Choco Tai
My absolute favorite thing in this box! I know to some more seasoned Japanese snack fans out there this is probably old news but not to this lady! 
When you look at the wrapper you aren’t really sure what exactly you are getting with this thing. There’s a fish? It can throw you for a bit of a loop
Then you open it up and see this fish staring at you… the shell of this cake is made from Monaka wafer
And the inside has this airy chocolate that is kind of like an Aero bar. So dang good!
Bourbon Star Wars Biscuit
A snack that is relevant to pop culture… MMMMM
Also we see what they’re doing here… there’s a dark and light side to these snack sticks
This is how we prefer to find out about the calories in our snacks too. In some other language!
The package on the inside was even all decked out in Star Wars!
We ate these while we watched Inside Out though
I’ll have you know these came highly recommended by my taste tester as well.
Lotte Fusen Gumball
Fruit flavored gum comes in not only an adorable package… ghosts chewing gum is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
But it is also different shapes and flavors. There’s Sweet Blueberry, Sour Blueberry, and Yogurt. These are really yummy.
Alfort Butter Chocolate
These are amazing! Rich and buttery with an interesting cookie and chocolate combination
These cookies are yummy in absolutely any language
There are 12 in the package 
Here is what the cookie actually looks like. The cookie portion is smaller and attached to the bottom of the chocolate portion. The chocolate is butter flavored and very rich and delicious!
Senjaku Cat Paw Gummy
Definitely the cutest of all of the snacks and packaging for that matter, these gummies look like little kitty cat paws!
Whole lotta paws in there… we could get really punny here. 
Like, “take your paws off my candy” or “put your paws up if you want some”… but we won’t.
Soft just like a kitten’s paw! These are really sweet – kids loved them!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Okashda Subscription Box is presented in a very cute and fun fashion. The quality is awesome as all of these snacks are relatively hard to find in the US. The curation is awesome as well! We love the variety that we received and that many we couldn’t even find online. We hadn’t heard of any of these snacks before, so this was a lot of fun and a great way to experience some of Japan’s snacks!
As far as box economy we couldn’t find most of these online, so we couldn’t really accurately come up with a price for everything included. But we think for $20 this is an awesome selection of yummy snacks!

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