Beauty Box Battle | December | Unboxing | Review

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I know, I know, I am so late. This is December’s Beauty Box Battle. 
Got the Walmart Beauty Box, Birchbox, Ipsy, and Glossy all vying for that coveted number one spot.
I’m doing a bit of an abbreviated version – sorry! Just trying to get back on track after the crazy holiday! I already have January’s beauty boxes and know I need to give them the love and attention that they deserve!

In case you missed it – check out the unboxy box video

Walmart Beauty Box
I’m going in order from the BOTTOM to the TOP
Walmart was an eh… for me. I received the under 35 box but noticed there is a box that comes out even after this one that I liked much better. I guess it was for early twenty somethings?
Box Highlights
I love this body butter cream – it has an awesome formula 
These Goody hairties are pretty boss. Mostly because they have those bizarre little spikes all over them.
Un Highlights
Aside from all the foils… BLEH. There was shaving cream and hair spray which is just like.. eh.
I was just kind of underwhelmed with this one. Mostly because Ipsy is usually just, such a hit for me and suddenly it seems it’s losing its luster. 
Box Highlights
Sugar Lips Polishing Scrub by Dimitri James smells great! Total stray from the ordinary with this product as well which can be fun!
Pacifica Lipstick was also nice although I have to say I think I’m more excited to try Pacifica than the lipstick? I see everyone else get it in their Glam Bag and just need to be part of the heard
The rest of the bag was OK
Not bad, but not particularly great either. I’m curious to see what is in January’s Bag
Glossy Box
Glossy was great this month. No complaints at all!
Box Highlights
Love the Orogold Hand Creme! Nice size as well!
Love the wand for the MTJ Mascara… how cool is that. I believe these allow us to better apply to the lowest lashes
This Color Club Color is “Feverish” is beautiful as well. Is it Maroon? Mauve? Red? It’s somewhere in between them all, very pretty
Un Highlights
Don’t get me wrong.. I love this color. But for the life of me I can not get this container opened!

And the Big Winner…


Birchbox! Wow – way to go for them. This month was awesome! I liked everything that I received but in a nutshell…

Box Highlights

These cool anti freeze sheets for your hair!

This Kopari Coconut Oil worked wonders in my daughters hair! There is a slight downside.. it can solidify so you’ll need to keep it stored above 45 degrees

Skincare! You all know me, super excited to use this Clay Mask.

Well, that’s it for December.. I’d go into much greater detail if these hadn’t already been posted to death about. So check back in a couple weeks for a full review of each of January’s Boxes and until then stay cool folks!

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