The Crafty Mail Subscription Box | Review | Unboxing | January 2016

*product was received free for review

It’s one of my favorite times of the month – time to unbox one of my favorite subscriptions, The Crafty Mail. In case you aren’t familiar The Crafty Mail is a monthly subscription box that sends handmade goods from an assortment of independent vendors. One of the best things about it is that the items are always different, varied and fun! Each box is themed and subscriptions are $24.95 monthly

Check out the unboxy box video 

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside this months “It’s a Plan” themed box
Super cute theme and a great way to start off the New Year although… admittedly we’re starting out this New Year way behind… what’s new?
Everything that we received in our January The Crafty Mail Subscription Box
We are loving this mix of items! Lots of fun and very colorful!

So what is all this stuff? 

Simple yet fun. These planner stickers have all your New Years Resolutions covered, from working out to eating right they’ve thought of it all! 
I love these Thank You’s and the planner kit. The cards themselves are four dollars and similar clips are about three
Love the glitter heart and stars! And as you guys know already I use washi on the boxes so I will definitely make great use of all of these items!
We cannot wait to use these thank you’s, the mason jar is such a simple and fun idea. 
This is the second month we’ve received tea from Kiper Creations who’s forte is (beautiful)  handmade jewelry. 
I’m not sure exactly exactly what kind of tea this is but it’s extremely colorful and flavorful.
I’m thinking a berry or hibiscus tea blend. Either way it’s quite tasty!
You can buy a sheet of four of these adorable stickers for $2. These are perfect for any mail junkie, if you wait patiently or unpatiently for the postperson then this is your sticker! Furthermore, we really look forward to Studio SL2‘s contribution each month, it’s always unique and fun and brings a rare feeling to the box.
LOVE this headband. This is the “Star of Bethlehem” pattern. The inside fabric is moisture wicking and goes perfectly with the outside material.
Here’s a pic of me wearing it. The headbands included in the box varied (I was nosy and checked) You can check out another variety here. I’m really happy with this one and I will definitely be wearing this around the house while I’m cleaning
This is my favorite thing in The Crafty Mail this month!
This soap is incredibly rich in oil and nourishing. I used it right away because I was curious and it’s an awesome combination of cleansing and nourishing.
The scent is lightly chocolate-y and minty. The rich and creamy scent truly is decadent!
I was really intrigued when I saw this pretty package in the box. I was not let down either!
This beautiful fabric flavor makes a great hair clip, brooch, or home decor item. I wish I had known about them when I was getting married. Imagine having an entire bouquet of these. It’s so stunning and definitely a conversation piece. Even my husband asked about it which is … really rare.
The Party Fox has the cutest cupcake toppers I’ve ever seen and I adore their logo. So it goes that naturally they’d include a really cute clip for the “It’s a Plan” box! Love this little cat, and so do my kids. In fact I’ve had to hide it from Belle already who was pretty determined to possess it!
This tart is country lemonade scented and oh so yummy smelling! I also love the vibrant yellow color of this tart, it’s super striking!
These are highly fragrant and you can see the oils in the tart! I can’t wait to use it but I think I’m going to save it for spring

Not Pictured

For The Crafty Mail Subscribers there was also a bar of soap from Myles of Smiles Soaps

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Crafty Mail is consistently a fun and creative subscription box that is an absolute joy to open. Everything is packaged well and everything arrives as it should which makes the presentation excellent. The quality of all the items in this box is amazing (we’re really in awe of the choco mint soap ourselves), Curation is also great!  For the “It’s a Plan” Crafty Mail Box we received a couple really cute planner items and a lot of fun “other” items. We were  bananas for this box and look forward to each parcel from The Crafty Mail
As far as box economy The Crafty Mail is $24.95 monthly and while we could only find a price for about HALF of the items we still came up with a value of $25.75 which is so great! 

Check Out The Crafty Mail

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