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Festive Roots is a subscription box aimed at teaching your child about different cultures around the world. Each crate from Festive Roots contains a kit for a particular festival celebrated and themed crafts and activities for that festival. A one off crate for Festive Roots is $29.95 or you can subscribe to the Trunks of the World or Trunks of India for $115.96. You’ll receive a box quarterly that arrives one month before the date of the festival. 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Festive Roots Crate and you guys know how much we love orange. 
Very pretty presentation.
Everything that we received in our Festive Roots Crate. This is the Chinese New Year Crate and we received crafts and information that teach us about this fun festival!

So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert
Supply Kit
All the kits and crafts were packaged separately. This is nice if you want to split your crafts up over a number of days. No extra mess to clean up!
In our supply kit we received a pair of safety scissors, a glue stick, and an eight pack of crayons

Chinese New Year Educational Booklet
The Festive Roots have teamed up with Miriam Hoffmann founder of China Family Adventure to create this beautiful, detailed booklet that helps to pull the lessons together for your children with knowledge about the Chinese New Year!
Just a couple of the detailed pages from inside the booklet.
Chinese Dragon Craft
The first craft is a Chinese Dragon Craft which sounds really exciting! Now we can do our very own Dragon Dance!
Included for this project were detailed instructions, dragon head, tail, and fire cut outs, sticker popsicle sticks, googley eye, two sheets of red paper, and sequins.
Chinese Lantern Craft
Chinese Paper Lanterns are beautiful and a perfect craft to get children interested in the culture behind these New Year traditions. One of our new goals is to attend a Lantern Festival one day!
For this craft we received detailed instructions, jewel sticker strips, two gold sticker strips, a gold and yellow paper with dashes, and one gold pipe cleaner
Chinese Drum Craft
The Chinese Drums are played during the New Years Parade and children often make their own to play from the sidelines. We will make our own Chinese Drum with this craft
Included for this craft are detailed instructions, cardboard circle, two red cutout circles, two doilies, a sticky popsicle stick, eight beads, two bells, two cutout monkeys, and two plastic strings.

So now what?

Now we craft!
First we read about Chinese New Year in the booklet. Penelope particularly liked that kids received money after New Years dinner…
The first craft that we did was the drum craft. Everything that we needed to complete our drum was included in the Festive Roots Crate.
Our first task for this was to tie our bells to the plastic strings
And then attach our beads
Now we attach both of these plastic strings to the round piece of cardboard. This forms the actual drum
The girls cut out the two red circles for either side of the drum. In case you weren’t aware decorating with Red is a pretty big deal for Chinese New Year
Finally, we color our monkeys and glue the red circle, doilies, and monkeys on our drum and attach the stick and we’re done!
Penny with our finished drum. The monkey is for the year… it’s the year of the monkey!
The next craft we do is the Chinese Lantern Craft
This craft is probably the simplest. The first thing we do is fold our red and gold papers in half and add the jewel sticker strips to the red paper
This was really pretty so the girls really enjoyed it!
The finished jeweled paper is really pretty. I’m really impressed with the way this craft is shaping up
Now we cut strips in the center being careful not to cut to the edge
Then we glue the edges of each together forming the outer and inner lanterns
Now we insert the yellow or inner portion of the lantern inside the red outer lantern and apply the gold stickers to both the top and the bottom. After this we attach the gold pipe cleaner to make a handle.
Our awesome finished paper lantern!
Our final craft in the Festive Roots Crate is the Chinese Paper Dragon
For this craft our first task is to color and cut out the dragon. 
Penelope was very particular about her dragon and it’s very distinct colors
Then we glue the fire onto the mouth of our dragon
We glued the sequins onto the dragon’s tail and you would also at this point glue the eye to the dragon as well. Because Penny colored the eye of her dragon red she opted to not go with the googley eye. (I know decisions, decisions)
Now we fold, accordion style, our red papers. We also glue them together to make one long paper for the dragon’s belly
Our final step is to glue the head and tail of the dragon to either end of the red paper and then attach the sticks so that you can hold and pull apart your dragon! Super fun!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Festive Roots is a great way to make lasting memories with your child and also be able to teach them something in the process. It’s a fun crate full of simple and quite beautiful crafts. I was impressed with the thought in all of these crafts and all the information about the Chinese New Year Festival and so I think curation is excellent as well as quality. This is a great way to teach your kids things they probably aren’t learning in school. Presentation is also excellent. We are given all of the tools needed to complete each craft. Each craft is carefully packaged separately as well which makes this great for a daycare providers and teachers to prepare a week of curriculum. The girls and I had a lot of fun with the Festive Roots Crate
As far as box economy what we pay for with a subscription like Festive Roots is all the time that goes into coming up with the fun crafts and all of the educational materials included. Having said that we think that $29.95 is a great price! And don’t forget to use my coupon Festivetree for a discount!

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