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BFF Masks or Best Face Forward Masks is a monthly subscription that sends you hard to find and cult sheet masks. You guessed it, four best friends started this sheet mask curation service. At only $15 a month (and 8% tax) this is a super reasonable and fun option if you are a skincare lover (like us). If you use code BFFASHELI you’ll also receive a 10% off your subscription!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Clearly, this is more a pouch than a box. Regardless, here is our first glimpse inside!
Everything that we received in our BFF Masks Subscription
Oh my guys – there are hearts in our eyes! 

So what is all this stuff? 

Our Box Insert. There are instructions for a couple of the masks that don’t have instructions and also a list of each mask that we’ve received.
Tony Moly I’m Real Lemon Mask
We were soooo excited to try this out. We’ve never tried these but see them everywhere and now we’ve gotten our chance. Love the packaging, very cute and hints at the natural ingredients we love to see in our skincare products
The back of the package. This mask is worn for 20-30 minutes. 
Never been better! The scent of this one is almost like a moist towelette, the kind you get at a restaurant with a lemon-y scent? It’s just. like. that. 
Afterwards my skin did feel fresher and as far as the “brightening” claims. I’m going to go ahead and say while it’s just temporary, this mask definitely leaves your skin brighter. I was pretty impressed!
Holika Holika After Drinking Mask
Love this package! Love this name. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the need for this yet! It’s not that I don’t want to have that need. It’s just with four kids…trying to juggle hangovers would be un-fun. You feel me? Anyhoot, the lady on this package is having a great time and really I’m happy for her, really.
The back of the package. This mask is a detoxifyer and uses a number of unique ingredients like cabbage leaf extract. We love that there’s a “To” label. Great way to bring up the topic of intervention.
It’s Skin Collagen Mask
We’ve never tried a Collagen Mask before but are delighted to! In case you weren’t aware Collagen is what keeps you skin looking plump and youthful. The older you get the more Collagen your body has used and hence, your skin appears thinner and gives you that look of “refinement” that comes with old age. 
Collagen Masks are a great way to add a little elasticity and plumpness to your skin. Definitely look for this in an upcoming empties video!
This is also a 15-20 minute mask. This has the least compelling packaging of all the masks that we received in the BFF Mask Subscription
Gold Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask
Out of everything that we received in this subscription, this is probably the only thing we wouldn’t buy ourselves. Only because we don’t have the problem of dark circles (which is a good thing)!
This eye mask has instructions on the box insert
The back of this eye mask is the only of the six masks that we received entirely in English. These are hydrating and also reduce puffiness. You leave this one on for 15 minutes. It states that it has instant whitening, I tried looking  what ingredients can whiten your dark circles instantly but couldn’t really find an answer. Nevertheless, I will probably try these out sometime to relax. I do find under eye masks quite refreshing!
Nature Republic Pomegranate Aqua Gel Mask
This is pretty hard to find. We had never heard of this line before but the package is very pretty and colorful so we tried this mask second. 
This mask comes in two pieces and is much easier to apply that others that are all one sheet. You keep this mask on for 20 minutes. We didn’t really detect a scent but it was super concentrated with thick gel and felt heavy on my skin
I know this is a weird kind of observation but I look a bit like James Van Der Beek, just saying. You can see in this image though how the first sheet mask that I tried was much more paper-y than this one. This had a thicker more gel like consistency.
I know I don’t look very glamorous here but my skin felt and looked amazing after this mask! This was immediately after I took it off and my skin looked luminous. Super impressed with this mask!
Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head
There are instructions for this three step kit included on the box insert. The entire process takes about 30-35 minutes in total, so be sure you have that much time to devote to it!
We love this package, it’s very cute and just a little bit graphic! We think it’s hilarious!
The back of the package. I’m pretty sure this is the next mask we’re trying!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. BFF Masks is an awesome and fun way to find out about different and hard to find sheet masks. They’ve put together a great mix of masks, if we had tried we would have overbought or gotten overwhelmed and just given up. We really like that they used masks with different “superpowers” even if they aren’t what we typically go for when we are performing our skincare routine. The assortment is what makes subscriptions like this one fun, and interesting and for that we think the BFF Masks curation is awesome! Presentation is cute, we love the little pouch that they come in. Quality is great, we still have to try a couple of the masks but we’re confident BFF Masks hasn’t steered us wrong! 
All in all we think this is a fun one guys! If you are into skincare, or are trying to find out a little more about all the crazy sheet masks out there (like me) this is definitely the subscription for you!
As far as box economy the BFF Masks Subscription is $15.00 monthly and for that we received about $27 in masks and there were even two that we couldn’t find a price for. So, we definitely conclude this is worth every penny!

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