What’s Up Wednesday?!

Today was the first day I’ve received my mail since Friday. We’re finally getting back to normal after a stretch of school cancellations and shoveling sprees!

Other than that, I’ve just totally completely overextended myself. Yes, I was that Mom, the one that feels bad and says she’ll be her small childs’ Cookie Mom for Girl Scouts. Suddenly, there’s 65 cases of Cookies in your back room and you’re slinging these babies like they’re… well anything but cookies.
In case you doubted my steez…

So what are we up to?

We’ve started watching 

Aziz Ansari’s New Sitcom on Netflix called Master of None.
Kind of fun and silly. But still witty. Exactly what we’d expect from Tommy Haverford

We’re listening to 

Randomly, our Pandora suggested this to us and we kind of fell in love. 
They’re totally Philadelphia based which makes fangirling so much easier.

Messes of the Week (and a few previous weeks)

Just so you guys know what I got with my Shoptiques gc from the FFF Winter Box! 
How perfect is this seriously?!
The wall near our trashcan
The mantle
The wall near the trash can … again
Random parmesan sprinkle cheese incident. 

Ain’t kids grand?

I think it’s time for a gate.

Hope you guys are enjoying the winter weather or not.
See you next Wednesday!

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