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Terra Bella Box is a monthly beauty subscription that sends you an assortment of natural beauty products from smaller more sustainable cosmetics and skincare companies. Subscriptions are either $17.95 for the lite (2-3 products) or $37.95 for the original (5-6 products)

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*product was received free for review
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside this month’s Terra Bella Box
Can you feel our excitement?!
January’s Terra Bella Box contents! I may like this box the best, I always say that though, because each box seems to exceed the last! 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This month we also find a Sneak Peek for next month. A Cinnamon Lip Plumper from Whiskey, Ink & Lace!
This set includes an all natural eyeshadow primer and a sample of the Midnight Mocha Mineral Eyeshadow. I haven’t used primers much so I was kind of excited to try this out
I was surprised to see an eye product come in what I always just assume is going to be a lip balm tube! Pleasant and welcome surprise ( I have a lot of chapsticks and lip balms!)
I applied the eyeshadow primer using the tube. It went on really easily and gives an even finish as you can see above. You can also use a brush or your finger.
I then applied the eyeshadow and was surprised at how well the color just seemed to automagically fill in the areas that had been primed… I didn’t even think that was something I should expect. I don’t think I’ll ever NOT use eye primer again!
Ahh hair oil. Some people have no need for this and others just can’t get enough. I am a member of the latter party. This has a lightly minty scent despite it’s name and I’m definitely excited to give this a try. You can use this as either a treatment or a finishing serum. 
A closer look at the oil. You can see the small flecks of coconut oil which looks so cool! I am always on the lookout for different products to try to tame Penny’s hair, right now we are using a similar product with more coconut oil. I’m excited to see what something with a mixture of oils can do! Also, Swifty needed to photobomb…
A detox bath tea? Something new to my ears. This healing combination packs an herbal punch. Wonderful ingredients like Red Clover Tops, Sage, Nettle, Peppermint, Yarrow and Epsom Salts help to rid toxins and impurities from our bodies (great New Year inclusion!)
There’s a couple ways you can add this to your bath but either way you’ll be using this really cool Muslin “tea bag”! Side note, Wellsmith is the only repeat contributor to this box
This is not the traditional “smelling salts” that we’re all used to hearing about. However, this will awaken your senses and discourage drowsiness with it’s aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils.
I am hooked on this, It’s a different kind of smell but I keep finding myself opening it up and just breathing really deep
This has so many amazing essential oils in it! There’s Eucalyptus, Rosemary which gives it it’s very first most savory note, Cajeput which is a new thing for me that I have come to love, Lavender, Ravensara which I’d never heard of before and hails from Madagascar, and Thyme. This is my favorite item in this box, I love all the things on their site as well. I was window shopping in there for way too long!
Best packaging award to these guys! Look at this box! Very aesthetically pleasing.
We’ve received two packages of their coffee body scrub along with some instructions.
I’ve seen coffee scrubs all over and haven’t had a chance to try any yet. Here is the consistency of the Skin Yoga coffee scrub which you can look for in a upcoming empties video!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. If the Terra Bella Box were a person, it would be your smart, beautiful older sister who you look up to and admire. This box always seems to be one step ahead of all the other boxes in the natural beauty category. I’m continually impressed with the items included and so I have to say quality is once again, as always impressive. Presentation is great, always consistent and well packaged. Curation is amazing with this box. If  you asked us which month was our favorite we’d be very hard pressed to come up with an answer. Each month the products seem to progress and the box just seems to evolve with each month and each season. If you want to buy products that are good for you and support businesses that are doing good this is your box!
As far as box economy the Terra Bella Box that we received costs $37.95 and for that we received $52 in items! Pair that with all the amazing brands that are now on our radar and we’ve figuratively received the golden ticket!

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