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*product was received free for review
The Cute Box is a brand new kawaii subscription box. Each month you can expect to find 8-10 cute, lovely, interesting things hand picked just for this box. Subscriptions are $18 a month
But if you use code cute4ya and you’ll receive 15% off

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Cute Box!
Simple pastel paper hides all of this boxes fun contents!
Everything that we received in The Cute Box’s  debut. Yes, cute is absolutely correct!
There are also so many tiny items! It’s like a tiny army of cuteness!

So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert that includes our coupon code.
My Neighbor Totoro Charm
What a wonderful addition! A tiny charm from this beloved anime classic is a great way to definitely add some “cute”. This was the very last thing that I pulled out of the box and it was face down so I was really surprised to see this! Love it!
Macaron Sticky Notes
I doubt I’ll even write notes on these. I may use them as gift tags they are so cute!
No matter what you plan on doing with sticky notes like these they are guaranteed to make somebody smile!
Hello Kitty Coin Purse
This Carnival themed coin purse has such a fun pattern! Very colorful definitely a great way to keep all your change together
An inside look. Also a great insight on the size of this little cutie!
Crown Pen
I’m always looking for a pen. Always. My kids steal mine and toss them into some other corner of the galaxy or something. Sometimes I never see them again, sometimes they return with parts missing – inevitably sucked up by some black hole somewhere. But this pen is so fancy. I promise to hide this properly – far, far away from them!
The Queen writes with this pen!
 Seriously though, how cute is the crown detail?!
Hello Kitty Pin
Doesn’t get much cuter than this. As always Hello Kitty is sweet, colorful, and lovable. Her and her pals are enjoying cupcakes and strawberries in this picnic scene. Belle has requested I put this on her backpack, that’s where it shall live I suppose!
Star Hairclip
This hairclip is channeling Sailor Moon, no? I really like this because it’s the “puffy” style hair clip which I find particularly adorable. They also are much less likely to get caught or wound in hair
The back of this is nice as well because it is so soft. The girls sometimes complain about hairclips digging into their head or just generally bothering them and I can’t imagine in all its plushness this clip doing that
Macaron Container
The only way this could be better is if it was real! Love macarons and this adorable one could serve many different purposes
It opens up to reveal a tiny container. You could put tiny objects in here or if you are clever depot some lip gloss and put it in there as well!
Plush Dolphin
I can’t tell you what I like more about this little guy, his mint green color or how little he is! 
I haven’t decided just what I’m going to do with this little fellow yet but I’m certain I will
Butterfly Necklace
It’s difficult to see in this photo how pretty and delicate this necklace actually is. I love that it’s silver and that there’s a pearl because they go with just about everything!
A closer look at the butterfly pendant. Simple, elegant, and beautiful.
Rilakkuma Notebook
Here on the cover of this pocket sized notebook you will find the bear reading accompanied by a couple of friends. Maybe he’s actually writing in a notebook, that makes more sense. Either way – very cute
Simple blank ruled pages inside. I’m actually using this to keep track of some important girl scouts info!
Rilakkuma Sticker Pack
We love stickers around here! So it was really nice to get a packet of four sheets of Rilakkuma stickers of the cute teddy in different scenes!
All four sheets of stickers that we received. These are perfect for a birthday or any greeting card really. You can add the biggest sticker as a seal for the envelope and use the smaller stickers to adorn the front!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The items in this box are all absolutely cute and we love the way this box comes together to give us a bunch of fun small items that definitely make us smile. For that we think the curation is super. Everything is also of a nice quality and presented well. Everything arrived exactly as it should! We think The Cute Box is perfect for anyone who likes kawaii things or anyone looking for a great gift idea for a young girl!
As far as box economy The Cute Box costs $18 a month and while we couldn’t find prices for most of the items we received these 11 adorable and fun items that we think make the price well worth it! 

Check Out The Cute Box

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