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Alpha Outpost is a monthly men’s subscription box that sends a themed kit of supplies to aid in various situations. Every month is different and you are guaranteed to get double your money in items. Subscriptions start at $39.95 a month plus a $6.95 shipping fee. There is a reduction in price with longer subscription terms.

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Just so we’re clear – the packaging is excellent. The box is teeming with masculinity and is very distinct
Our first glimpse inside the Alpha Outpost box
Everything that we received in “The Gentleman” themed Alpha Outpost December Box
The whole box has this very pointed monochromatic layout with we are crushing on pretty hard! 

So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert which has the poignant quote, “A gentleman should be ashamed should his deeds not match his words.”

Whiskey Glasses
$8 (each)
So your drink may look as good as it tastes! This pair is very simple yet striking. The bubbled bottom surface reminds me of carnival glass, something that my Grandmother used to collect
This isn’t my image but the bubbling totally reminds me of this!
I really like the effect when you are looking down into the cup. It looks like you have river rocks on the bottom, there’s almost a magnifying effect
Black Tie
The equivalent of a woman’s “little black dress” a black tie is classy, essential, and timeless. 
We may have gone crazy with the flowers in these photos but this tie matches anything, seriously it’s gorgeous! So, why not pair it with some equally gorgeous flowers!
They labeled this as a handkerchief which we were a little confused by. We would have called this a pocket square. So, then we got to thinking, “what is the difference?” Well, here’s the answer
We promise this is the last of the flowers! 
Since Alpha Outpost’s reason for including this was because the other men won’t have one when she needs one, this is definitely a real live old fashioned handkerchief!
This steel flask is a traditional flask and bears the Alpha Outpost name as well as the quote that seems to be the ongoing motto for this month’s box
Very cool. A great touch. Definitely a great way to keep your “spirits” up while you get into adventures that only black ties and white handkerchiefs can get you in to!
Field Notes Notebook
Ahh, love Field Notes! Definitely a notebook to keep in your back pocket. Never know who you may happen upon!
Tactical Pen
This pen is crazy! It feels like a gun. Had to look it up because while we knew it had superpowers they weren’t immediately obvious to us. This aluminum defender pen can break glass and basically be used as a weapon in a “situation”. Best believe we’re carrying this with us EVERYWHERE!
Power Bank
This portable power bank happens to look a lot like an iPod and easily slips into a pocket. An awesome item to have while you are on the go, can’t have your battery dying – it would be tragic. This little guy is your get out of jail free card.
ReadyMan Card
I have to admit this is a new one to me. I wasn’t really sure what this was when I first unboxed it but now that I know what it is, it’s pretty rad guys!
What you’re looking at is a card designed by Special Forces Cadre. The card has tools that can easily fit in your wallet, pocket, glovebox, or where ever and is able to cut rope, pick locks, cut zip ties and even defeat handcuffs. If you can’t pick locks no worries because Readyman made some videos for us to check out! These are great if your mischief gets you in trouble. Or if your life is anything like the Cartoon Archer and you work for a spy agency. 
Black Rifle Coffee Company
The bag says 12 oz, but the insert says 4 oz. There are ounces of coffee in this bag! I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but the fact that they had to use the eff word to describe this is pretty exciting! 
Definitely a great way to recover after any wild night, some delicious coffee!
Lip Balm
We’re just going to ignore the tagline…. dooo dee doo
This is actually really nice. Very minty and soothing. Really can’t go wrong with chapstick during the winter months
I won’t use this and neither will Mr. I’m Not a Tree but a huge part of me finds this comb so aesthetically pleasing I won’t give it to anyone else. I like the wooden hair tool look even though I can’t actually use a comb like this! 
Whiskey Stones
If you had asked me what was in this box when I first saw it I couldn’t have told you, but lo and behold we have ourselves a neat set of nine whiskey stones
Whiskey stones keep your drinks cold without watering them down like ice (in case you weren’t aware). We really like the little Alpha Outpost A on these!
Menu and Rules
On this the final item in the box are recipes for four different cocktails and on the reverse side Ten Rules for Gentlemen. Definitely a handy little card to keep even the gentlest of men brushed up on his etiquette.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. To start, the presentation of the Alpha Outpost box is awesome. Everything has their name on it and the box is really nice and very sharply designed. We appreciate that! The quality is awesome. We really like everything that was in this box and think that there was a very logical and careful attention to the items that were chosen. As far as curation, this theme and the items in this box rock! We thought this box was a lot of fun and I’d like to think the entire theme suits my husband (in his bachelor days of course) a dapper man getting into adventures! I like the way all of the items come together and are extremely useful. There isn’t anything in this box I would call frivolous or unnecessary. We think this is great for any guy at all, he doesn’t have to be a guy who likes to dress up to appreciate this one! A perfect gift too! If you are a lady giving this as a gift, this is one men’s subscription that will include items that you can use and benefit from as well!
As far as box economy the Alpha Outpost box is $39.95 a month and for that we received about $135 in products… what?! That’s pretty amazing! We think this may be our new favorite men’s box! 

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