Ipsy Glam Bag | Review | Unboxing | January 2016

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In case you missed our beauty box haul this month, here it is. 
There’s a number of boxes in there one of which is Ipsy
For $10 monthly Ipsy sends you a Glam Bag which is a cute bag that is new and different each month. You can typically expect to find 5 beauty items (primarily cosmetic) inside. Items chosen are based upon a preliminary style survey you take upon subscribing.

Everything that we received in January’s “All Eyes on You” Glam Bag

So what is all this stuff?

Ofra Eyebrow Pencil
The color of this is universal despite it’s brownish color. 
This is definitely a stay put kind of product… although I really don’t do my brows much. I can’t see myself using this too often
The Balm Mr. Write Now
Okay, so firstly let’s say I received this in the color Jac. Now, let me not forget to say this is a wonderfully nice eyeliner. It’s retractable and has nice packaging just to name a couple pros. It is however $17  and that for us for an eyeliner… is excessive
The color is gorgeous and I can envision myself using this in the summer quite a bit. Now on to the cons. This is immovable. I know that can go either way but I can see myself using this in the corner of my eyes and then I think of the hellscape of rubbing I’d have to endure to get it off and I’m scurred. I also think Ipsy just sent me like two different golden eye products… so hello repeats.
Trestique Lip Crayon
This is the mini so I’m not sure of the pricing. This is nice. The color is wearable for me but I wouldn’t choose it myself.
I’ve received other Trestique products from Ipsy before and as I recall they were nice. 
I like the packaging of this and that it’s retractable. 
A swatch of this color and you can really see how deep the undertones are and that it’s a little more opaque than you’d initially think
City Color Eyeshadow Trio
This may be the only thing in this bag that I would buy myself! I really like all of these colors and consider them just right for me
They’re not super pigmented but they go on nicely and are blendable. I like that the lightest shade is only just visible. It adds just the perfect hint of color
Well, I’m not going to get on here and bitch and moan about this because Ipsy is a deal. It’s $10 for a lot of really nice products and I talk smack but the prices always exceed what we pay. Most of my complaints lie in personal preference which is natural but I find this out of the ordinary and not an “Ipsy” thing to do? Anyone else? Am I the only one? 

So in summary

This wasn’t our best Ipsy month yet but it wasn’t awful. I still enjoy receiving this and the whole element of surprise! Even if people keep ruining it for me on Instagram… 
Our favorite item in this bag was the City Color Eyeshadow Trio and our least favorite was…
well we don’t have to say it. 
As far as “bag” economy for the $10 this costs we received $37 in products, plus whatever the Trestique Crayon costs. 

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