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*product was received free for review

Art Crate is a monthly subscription that sends you a handpicked art print each month based on your tastes and decorating style. There are three options as far as size and price. The smallest is $22, the medium and most popular (what we received) is $32, and the largest print is $49

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside our Art Crate
And to give you a little insight about the process of curation. Upon subscribing you’ll take a little style quiz that asks where you like to shop and also asks you to choose between different photos. 
After you take that the curator chooses 3 photos that she thinks you’ll like and then emails you the images. Ultimately, you decide your Art Crate Art Print each month!
Here is everything that we received in our Art Crate .
I really don’t know how they hit this nail on the head but they did. 
I’m in love with this and as soon as I saw this image in the email I knew that it was the one

OK so tell us more?

Our box inserts, there’s one Welcome to Art Crate  card,  a little blurb about our artist David Iwane and a little size card that tells us our dimensions and frame finish (if applicable)
David Iwane American Bison Print
I couldn’t have picked a better print myself. This is our style! Very no frills with that special feeling of majesty. There’s also something just slightly bittersweet given the status of the American Bison and it’s ecologically extinct status. The artist David Iwane or David “Babies” is freelance graphic designer and photographer from Colorado. We kind of stalked him and saw he not only does these amazing natural collages he also do a much more urban style and little one offs on pop culture. This guy just might be our new favorite!
There’s a lot to appreciate about this print. There’s this beautiful landscape and it’s all captured inside the bison who looks like he’s powering through something. I want to use the word stoic but that seems a wee bit too strong… But what I love the most is the subtle touches of color. I didn’t even notice until I looked at it in the sunlight but you can clearly see it in this photo.
If you watched the unboxing you’ll know that I said there was a framed picture in my house that the bison would look perfect with, this is it. I know NOTHING about this photo except that I love it, it was my husbands and he doesn’t know much about it either except where he got it (it was free)!
I’ve always thought this was beautiful in a silent, quiet, and simple way. I think the two will go great together!

In summary

We can’t do our typical breakdown since this subscription is straight forward. We know each month we are getting an art print. We can say though, that the curation of the Art Crate is amazing. This photo is not only gorgeous, it works for us! We have been trying to find the time to decorate and between the blog, the four kids and everything else we just haven’t gotten much done yet. A service like Art Crate really can take a lot of the guesswork out! 
We think this is great for a number of people- if you need to decorate this is a great option, particularly if you kind of don’t know exactly what you want or get overwhelmed (I do this, because I like so many things and well, it doesn’t work like that). We also think this is great if you love art, and can appreciate the healthy dose of new art each month and learning about the artist that created it. As far as economy this is a great deal. Not only are there several options to choose from but learning about the artists is fun and while we couldn’t find the price of the print we think this subscription is worth every penny!  

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