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Panda Pals is a monthly subscription that sends your children socks along with “socktivities”. There are subscriptions for children 3-5 and 6-8, each month your child will have warm feet and learn something new! A month to month subscription is $15 however longer subscription terms have reduced rates. Use code PAL to receive 15% off your first month of Panda Pals!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside yields two packets. One is a “starter” packet, which is what you’d receive your first month of Panda Pals. The second is the packet you’d receive each additional month.

So what’s inside?

Here is everything that we received in our starter pack. 
There is so much fun stuff going on in here! My kids couldn’t wait to do the “socktivities”

Here’s what came in this packet

Panda Pals Folder
This houses monthly lessons and also contains a handy map of sock island where the Panda Pals live!
Nikos introduces children to himself and to Sock Island where the most imaginative and colorful socks are made!
Activity Packet
The lesson for this packet is shapes!
There’s a cut out and play Nikos which helps kids with small motor skills
The story that is included with each packet
This month it focuses on “Shapes in Nature”
A sheet of stickers
Our activity sheet. This sheet is for the 3-5 year olds
The back of our activity sheet
Geometric Socks
Not only are these bright colorful and fun – they totally tie into the theme of the lesson! Shapes! 
I would wear these if I could fit into them, not even going to lie!
The button that keeps the socks together is absolutely genius! Never lose a matching sock again!
Nikos Socks
Umm, can you say cutie cute-cute? 
Love that the ear is raised off of the sock! Nikos looks so happy
And the button!

Here is what each additional month from Panda Pals is like 

This is what you’d receive in each additional Panda Pals Subscription except that there would be one activity sheet. There’s two here to show the differences between the activities for younger and older children.
There’s another Panda Pals Story
We meet Jonathan who uses his sense of smell to help Nikos!
This is the 6-8 activity sheet. I actually had a lot of fun taking this quiz! It was challenging and I didn’t get them all right! There is a section on vocabulary as well which I really like
This is the 3-5 activity sheet, which is less challenging but equally as fun!
The back of each sheet is the same
And another sheet of stickers
Jonathan Socks
Oliver loves these “puppy” socks! Love the red and blue making them neutral and fun! 
All of Jonathan’s details are in tact as well. He has his spot on his eye and one brown ear!
And of course there’s the sock button
Jonathan Aerial Sock
Here’s Jonathan on the trail! 
I’m impressed with the quality of each of the four pairs of socks that we received! The “socktivities” are fun and keep the kids entertained but the socks are the “meat and potatoes” of this subscription. We are glad to say that Panda Pals uses a high quality sock

So now what? 

Next it was time to do our “Socktivities”
Oliver isn’t quite 3 so he needed a bit of assistance but this was perfect for Belle! She had a blast!
Penny and I did the older activity sheet, this was quite challenging and I was really impressed with the facts that it had!
They all enjoyed drawing on the back. Belle’s picture had to be drawn entirely of individual shapes. 
And yes, those are his real eyelashes!
After we added our stickers to the Sock Island Map!
He’s honing his craft…
She’s not mad, she just insisted on making a weird face for the cut out picture. I obliged! 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. 
Panda Pals is a fun and engaging subscription that comes together quite nicely. Everything is packaged extremely well and definitely enticed my little ones to want to find out more. For that we think that the packaging is great. The quality is excellent. Everything is printed on really nice quality paper and the socks are awesome! Curation is a great success! We love the well thought out lessons and how the socks tie in with that. We love that the older option is actually a challenge and not too easy. Mostly though, we love that our kids love it!

As far as box economy you can’t really break down a price on an activity subscription but we think that the $15 price tag is well worth it for the Panda Pals Subscription!

But don’t forget use code PAL for 15% off your first month!

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