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Since we broke up all of the January Beauty Boxes we are so very far behind! 
This is a combo of both the Renewal and Refresh Boxes from Target in January. They both cost $7 each. Please don’t ask which is which!
In case you weren’t aware Target periodically releases beauty boxes (monthly usually) that range from $5 to $10 and have pretty amazing samples, deluxe samples, and full size items!

Check out the January Beauty Haul

First Box

Everything that we received
There were tons of items in both of these boxes and we still aren’t sure which was our favorite

So what is all this stuff? 

Degree Women Fresh Energy Dry Spray
This smells nice but I don’t typically use spray deoderant…so I can’t say I would buy this myself. It is “motion sense” which I’m not sure what that means. I will definitely use this when my current deodarant runs out
Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Mask
Yay! Love this kind of stuff, and this product is new to us so we are excited to try it out!
Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
This is a really nice sample size. We like the idea of this product and may try it. However, because we just don’t use lotions that much we’ll probably pass this on to somebody else. It smells very nice though!
Laneige BB Cusion
It’s ridiculous but we were really hoping that this was full size! We were really looking forward to this though and definitely tried it out. 
There are three different colors and a little applicator included. We really like that this is a very even and flawless type product. We will say though, if you like a matte look this is probably not the product for you. Even after applying pressed powder over the face there was a dewy sort of glow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just the finish that it leaves!
Scrunci No Slip Grip Braided Headband
This is really cute, not the color we would choose but cute none the less. Curious now if other colors were available? 
Attitude Sample Duo
These have lots of pros, they are good for the environment and they are non carcinogenic. Just all around good intentions with these two. Having said that, we’re leary of anything that is a shampoo and body wash in one…. aren’t you? We haven’t had a chance to use these yet and since they have the little scissor opening we’re not even certain if they are scented. Look for them in an upcoming empties video!
Revlon Ultimate All in One Mascara
Love this package and the applicator.We’re excited to give this one a go. It is “Blackest Black” which is pretty much key. The bold red package has sold me already!
Caress Love Forever Body Wash
Been wanting to try this! Love this package. The scent is warm and musky and rich. Like sugar and flowers? Does that make sense? Not sure!

So in summary

For the $7 that this box cost it has a retail value of $42 which is amazing. We may not use every item but can definitely hoard them for gifts like we do all the other subscription box overflow! 
Loved both of the Target boxes this month and particular in this box we’re excited about the Laneige, Revlon Mascara, and Hada Labo Tokyo

Second Box

Just decided this is our second favorite of the two January Target Boxes. 
We like this one but the first is better!
This box also cost $7

So what is all this stuff?

Nip + Fab Skin Glycolic Fix
At first we thought this was some new kind of skin tool. We were kind of exciting. Glycolic? Sure! Sign me up. Then we opened it up and (sorry – didn’t take a picture) they are a lot like a Clearasil pad. They’ll dry up before we ever use them most likely!
Clear Scalp Therapy Duo
These will definitely get used at some point. There was a mens and a womens included in the January Box. We have received the womens before in a (walmart?) box. This will be our first time trying the mens!
Nivea In Shower Body Lotion
We’ve been wanting to buy this FOREVER. We tried a sample about a year ago when this came on the market and loved it! We love Nivea! Give us all the Nivea!
John Frieda Keraflex Hairspray
I’m sure this is a nice product but we use hairspray like we get teeth pulled. Mostly we just feel gross breathing in all those chemicals! Will definitely pass this along to a friend
Braided Elastic Bands
Love these! We are wearing one now. These don’t seem to slip as easily as the regular ones. Plus they are super cute!
Acure Day Cream
This stuff is incredibly expensive and now we sort of feel bad that we haven’t really given this a fair shot yet. Definitely will be doing this soon! This has Gotu Kola Stem Cells and Chlorella… which fight environmental damage and free radicals. Also has hyalauronic acid
Marlowe Extra Moisturizing Lotion
This package is so simple and pretty. We were drawn in, thing is we don’t use lotion! What the heck!
This is really nice though
It’s lightly scented with a really lovely formula that’s easily absorbed
Simple Micellar Make-Up Removing Wipes
These will definitely get used! Love the simple brand and their sensitive skin products. Perfect for us! 

So in summary

This Target Beauty Box was also $7 and although we’ve concluded it wasn’t as good as the first it’s still a great one and jam packed with items. There was a total retail value of about $26.50 which is less than the first but still an awesome deal! 
As we type this we have the next Target Box sitting in our queue waiting for the other beauty boxes to arrive so we can make our haul video, so on that note…. see you next time!

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