What’s Up Wednesday!

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Hey Everyone… totally missed What’s Up Wednesday last week because it was what’s up Girl Scout Cookie Booth Mania! 
The picture above is the beanstalk bean I received in the Buddy Box
They are growing beautifully!

So what’s been going on?

This is May, it’s Belle’s “American Girl” doll. (The less expensive Target version)
I know she loves her but this doll is creepy! And she is everywhere….

Making Valentines

I got some ideas off of Pinterest for Valentines for the girls classmates. There were two that I really liked and I sort of put my own spin on both.
The girls can have absolutely no food sent with the Valentine so we had to work around that.
Belle’s Valentine’s were glow sticks in hearts that said you make me glow
Used these make your own card kits from Target
We just wrote it on there… instead of all that fancy stuff
Penny’s was similar except it said, “You’re all write” and had a pencil!
Again, no frills just something cute.

What we’re watching 

This is endlessly fascinating and pretty much whenever the kids aren’t around I’m enjoying this bit of Zeitgeist

What we’re listening to?

Lot of old Jazz and Blues the past couple weeks. Just something we remembered we love and haven’t listening to in so long. I put Otis Redding but also Miles Davis, Jackie Wilson and so many more! 
Hope you guys have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

xoxo from us!

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