Birchbox | Review | Unboxing | January 2016

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Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you a small box of some samples and deluxe samples each month based loosely off of a quiz you take when you first subscribe. It is one of the most affordable boxes at only $10 each month

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Everything that we received in our January Birchbox. Missing is the insert. It also came with stickers to start the New Year off right, We couldn’t pick just one word so we went with all of them. 
We wear many hats… so we feel it fits!

So what is all this stuff?

Peripera Strawberry Juice Tint Water
Definitely cute packaging. And while it’s for sure for sure for your lips Birchbox has marked that it’s for your cheeks…
Um… yeah. No we’re going to have to pass on using this as a rouge. 
However, at first glance we would take this for a “younger” cosmetic. 
After having tried this we just love it. It has a good bit of staining but not too much and it tastes ans smells so yummy! Definitely something we wouldn’t have picked ourselves but appreciate and loved receiving!
Whish Body Butter
We knew it was only a matter of time! It seems like certain items like this one and a few others “make their rounds” in certain boxes. Almost everyone will receive it, it’s just a matter of when. We don’t use much lotion but this almond scent is quite lovely.

Parlor by Jeff Chastain Detangler

This isn’t the first Parlor product that we’ve received but it’s the first one that we’ve actually used and we have to say we like it! It smells great and leaves our hair feeling soft and manageable thanks to some sweet almond extract!

Prescriptives Super Line Filler

We’re sure this is a lovely brand and it’s great but how the heck do we use this stuff? It says it has algae and shea butter that instantly blur deep lines and wrinkles… I guess we’d know if we had deep wrinkles

Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner

We’ve been waiting on this forever! Way back in November this was supposed to be the Sample Choice and something occurred that delayed that. Finally, we’ve gotten to try this and we are just in love!

We have trouble doing our liquid eyeliner (bad vision and what not) and this just gives us such excellent control and precision. Definitely recommend this for anyone who is not an expert at winged eyeliner (US!)

So in summary

We didn’t bother with the overall price breakdown for Birchbox this month because just the Eyeko was $16 and that far exceeds the Birchbox $10 pricetag. We were super happy with our box this month and while it’s almost time for the February Beauty Boxes to start rolling in we have to say that Birchbox took home our gold last month!

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