Box of Crafts Subscription Box | Review | Half Off Coupon | February 2016

Box of Crafts is a monthly subscription box that sends you and your child or children crafts that you can do on your own without the guesswork or trial and error that usually accompanies such tasks. 
Subscriptions are $20 monthly with a price reduction with longer subscription terms. There’s also the option for a sibling add on as well. Use code FEB50 for 50% off your first month’s box!
You can also pick projects in their shop!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Box of Crafts Box 
It’s pretty self explanatory – we are making rockets!!!
Everything that we received in our Box of Crafts
This is probably one of the coolest concepts for a craft that we have ever received. 
There’s two packets, one for the rockets and targets and one for the launcher. Yes, we are making a launcher!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This is “Cupids Rocket Launcher”
Heart Target
A heart sticker to apply to our box so we can turn it into a target
Rocket Templates
Our four rocket templates. Some are oh so cutely Valentine themed!
Rocket and Target Packet
There were two packets in the Box of Crafts. The first had all of the things to create our rockets and launchers
Everything that we received in this packet including both sets of instructions
There were six tongue depressors 
Two sets of earplugs
One gold T-pin (yes terrible picture I know)
Ruled edge
Launcher Packet
The launcher packet was the bigger of the two packets and looked to be a bit more complex
Everything that we received in this packet
Our detailed instructions
The squeezee portion of a turkey baster
Two zip ties
Plastic tubing
And a whole boatload of PVC pipe. 

Okay, so now what?

Now we craft!
You’ll need glue and tape from home, also a straw.
We start with the first packet and begin by cutting out our rocket template. 
She insisted on having the photo taken like this
Then using a straw we roll our rocket template around to form a tube
Finally, you will tape or glue it and slide it off of the straw. Repeat for each of the four rocket templates
I screwed up here a bit. I didn’t see the foam piece that was included with the box so I made my own and also… did not think to use the ruled piece of paper to measure off the correct dimensions for my foam…. so my fins were a little large and red. 
Using this as a guide we mark on our rockets where to attach our fins
Halfway there!
Next we have to put the tops on
Using the earplugs that came in the box we roll the bottom of them and then apply a layer of glue at the base of each
Then we insert them into the tops of our rockets
Our rockets are now complete!
Next we move on to our targets
Our first target is super simple, just apply a sticker and repurpose our box!
Tada! Love that we can reuse the box – less waste that way!
At this point I also found the foam that we were supposed to make our fins with!
Our second target is only slightly harder, but still very simple
Glue your popsicle sticks together in a triangle
Then create your base by cutting off the rounded portion of one stick and then glueing together
Attach the two and allow to dry completely
Our final step is to build the launcher. This was more fun for me than the kids and so I felt like this was almost an “even” trade off!
First we connect the PVC pipes together like so, creating almost an X shape
Now we take the elbow pipe with a hole drilled in it and run about two inches of the plastic tube through it
Next we add a ring of glue around the tubing
Once it has dried we will pull it back into the tube so that the seal is airtight
On the opposite end of the elbow we add, layer by layer coats of glue. Until it is sealed thoroughly. What we want is airtight. So the only air passing through is in the plastic tubing.
Also my nails are all white because while we were doing this project Oliver found a crayon and drew all over the wall. I had to use a Magic Eraser to get it off and it was under my nails…
Again we apply the glue to the other end of the plastic tubing
Now we apply the turkey baster!
We fit the capped end of the tubing into the turkey baster (not the elbow)
This is difficult and will take patience
Then to ensure an airtight seal we add one or two zip ties
We added two, because why not?!
Now we attach the other end (elbow) to the PVC piping
(and the photo bomber)
Launcher almost complete
Our final steps are to take our final piece of piping and feed our straw through.
Apply a ring of glue around it as well, and pull back through the drilled hole once it has dried
You’ll end up with something like this
We were pretty much patting ourselves on the backs at this point… we just created a rocket launcher

The Launch

It was cold as heck here! But we took a few minutes to go out and launch these babies!
This was such a “blast”!!!!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. 
Box of Crafts is amazing! Presentation and quality were great and we loved the Valentine’s theme! 
What’s excellent to us is the curation. They’ve put together all the makings of a rocket launcher and set it up so it’s as easy as possible for us. We couldn’t think of a cooler way to hangout with our kids than this. We would, admittedly do this by ourselves we thought it was THAT much fun!
Totally recommend this for any parent… great way to bond!
As far as box economy as with all subscriptions like this it’s hard to come up with a dollar value on the curation of crafts. We totally think though, that $20 is worth the Box of Crafts!
Use code FEB50 for 50% off your first monthly box!

Check Out Box of Crafts

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