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*product was received free for review

L.V. Kiki is a fashion and accessory subscription box that sends you 4-6 stylish hand picked items each month. Subscriptions start at $19 a month with price reductions for longer subscription terms. You can also buy single pieces from their shop

Check out the unboxy box video

If you watched I mentioned the box was $15 this is only true if you subscribe for an entire year.
Month to month subscriptions are $19 (sorry!)

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the L.V. Kiki Box
Love the purple – it feels so glamorous!

Here is everything that we received in our L.V. Kiki Box in the pretty mesh bags that they come in. We just adore the attention to detail in every aspect of this boxes design. 
The purple is so regal and pretty!
Each of the four items that we received in this box.
So creamy, rich and luxe!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. Includes all our info for social sharing
We struggled thinking of a “type” of a glove that this was but couldn’t really come up with one. Two tone was the only thing that we could think of but that doesn’t really apply.
We love that the fingers have just that tip of gray. We also really love the woven in pattern on these and the material is super warm and comfy!
Definitely, a fun addition to any winter wardrobe
Two Tone Headwrap
LOVE this! So pretty and luxurious! The two colors make such a beautiful, pretty combination for the winter and the fabric this is woven with is ultra soft and warm!
Beautiful on as well. It rests so nicely on the top of your head because of the simple overlap design.
Stretch Jeweled Bracelet
The colors on this bracelet are not only gorgeous, but they tie in perfectly with the colors of the other items included in the L.V. Kiki Box. We love the blushes and grays together, it has a very high brow feeling to it. 
The bracelet is the stretch kind so this could easily fit anyone and rests well on the wrist. We really like the abstract sort of geometric pattern as well
Curly Faux Fur Neckwarmer
Love this! Definitely our favorite thing in the L.V. Kiki Box! This is not only adorable and cruelty free but it’s so warm! It’s a code blue where we are right now which in short means, don’t be outside if you don’t have to be, so we are so happy that we received this!
Plus, it makes us feel silly and glamorous! 
Love it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The L.V. Kiki Box has so many great qualities! We just fell in love with this box. It’s presented excellently and the quality is also extraordinary. We loved each of the items that we received and would buy all of them! But beyond all of that the curation is so awesome! The colors come together so well to give us a beautiful and striking warm weather “look” 
We really couldn’t be more impressed with this box. And we love that it’s super affordable as well!
As far as box economy the L.V. Kiki Box costs $19 monthly. We couldn’t find prices for two of the four items but the two that we found prices for totalled $20. We think that the L.V. Kiki Box is well worth the $19 a month that it costs!

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