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Little Wilde Things is a monthly subscription box that sends beautiful bohemian and vintage inspired gifts from around the world. $20 subscriptions include 4-5 jewelry pieces and $25 subscriptions have 4-5 jewelry pieces plus one clothing item.
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Little Wilde Things Box

 “Under the same sky, Dreaming the same dream
I lay below my dream catcher,
Repel the negative, Radiate positivity.”

Everything that we received in our Little Wilde Things Box. Does it seem like a lot? It’s because it is! This box was absolutely full of these beautiful fun pieces!

So what is all this stuff?

Water Drop Arm Chain
If you watched the unboxing you know we weren’t sure exactly what this was at first but once we put it on (with the help of Mr. I’m Not a Tree) we fell in love!
First of all it matched our dress oh so perfectly! But beyond that it sits so prettily on the arm. Love the lacing design. The gold and turquoise are a beautiful combination
Vintage Carved Silver Plated Ring
This ring is gorgeous! It has a simple wave pattern but it totally “moves” us!
You guys know that we love silver and don’t receive it nearly enough.
This box was changing all of that for us!
Definitely a chunky piece that you can pair with other rings to get a great bohemian look
Midi Rings
If you love midi rings this box had the holy grail’s of midi ring combinations! 
There are so many beautiful midi rings included
This one has a neat feather design around the entire ring. It’s the most intricate of the five midi rings that we received in this box
This one is quite delicate and has a tiny stone in the center. (We love this one the most!)
There is a set of stacked rings. We actually paired these with the antique silver ring pictured above and took that wave pattern to the next level!
The final set of midi’s was this cuffed set. The design idea is that we wear one high on the knuckle and one lower creating a “linked” look. Very cool, will have to find an occasion to wear these for!
Arrow Hair Pin
At first we thought this was a scarf ring… which we still think it could be. It wasn’t until we looked at the Little Wilde Things website and saw that they had used it as a hair pin. We love that idea!
This was just a quick shot to give you guys an idea of how you would use this. We have to say that we just love this. So fun and eclectic feeling!
Turquoise Arrow Ring
Another beautiful addition to this box full of goodies! Love the arrows on this and the hint of turquoise is just perfect!
Looks great on and makes a great everyday ring. Our favorite accessory to have is a great everyday ring!
It’s detailed enough to create interest; yet simple enough that it’s not a statement piece
Tibetan Turquoise Silver Bracelet
This bracelet is stunning. The large center bit of turquoise is pretty but we have to say we like the silver flowers a whole lot as well!
As you can see in the photo the flowers perfectly accent the turquoise. Pair this with a t-shirt and jeans for a fun relaxed look.
 Boho Elephant Ring
Our favorite item in the Little Wilde Things Subscription Box. This is ornate and beautiful and is absolutely a statement.
We love the design and the colors and of course that it’s an elephant! 
What better reminder to be mindful and present than the deliberate and patient elephant!
Silver Plated Adjustable Toe Rings
We would never have thought these were toe rings. But they are! These love themed rings are fun and upbeat!
One says “Love” and has a bit of a hammered look to it.
While the other boasts a heart pattern. Both are really cute!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Little Wilde Things Subscription Box is a fun new lifestyle box that sends you a great selection of jewelry. We were impressed with the quality, particularly with the cost of this box. The presentation is cute and we love that each piece of jewelry comes on either a pillow or a ring holder! The curation is excellent. This box was clearly an homage to turquoise and kept with the boxes bohemian roots. We could not be more pleased with selection and think this is great if you are looking to expand your wardrobe – especially where accessories are concerned!
As far as box economy Little Wilde Things Subscription Box is $20 – $25 a month and while we don’t have prices for each of the items that we received we are certain that the value is there! This box was amazing!

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