Revel Box | Review | Unboxing | Exclusive Coupon | February 2016

Revel Box is a monthly subscription box that sends a curated selection of items that reflect the season. Handpicked from different artisans and makers you can receive anything from jewelry to stationary, confections or home decor. Subscriptions range from $39 – $45
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Check out the unboxy box video

In the video we stated subscriptions are $39, they actually differ depending on the contents. Subscriptions range from $39-$45. This box was $39
Here’s the Box Breakdown
Inside the wrapping of the Revel Box.
We love everything about this! Very intricate and pretty!
Our first glimpse inside the box reveals a simple and fun tissue paper that almost reminds us of a picnic!
Everything that we received in the Valentine’s Day themed Revel Box.
We could really feel the love! 
There’s so much great stuff in this box, 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that directs us to Instagram for information on our boxes contents
Love the movement of this card. It almost seems like the wind is blowing. A great card to say “I Love You.” It’s blank inside so you can write your own greeting 
The back is signed. In the event you choose to frame this (we probably will)
Sewn Hearts
by Revel Box
These adorable stitched paper hearts are the same hearts that adorned the front of the box
What a fun way to dress up almost anything! Love the color and the peek-a-boo designs that these offer. So cute, a great addition!
Felt & Fabric Valentine Fortune Cookies
by Revel Box
These are probably the cutest fortune cookies that we’ve ever encountered. The best part? 
They really do include messages inside… well at least one does
Aww! You shouldn’t have! The other fortune is blank so you can give that one to a friend or someone even more special… your Mom!
These stickers come in packs of twenty-four and each sticker is different! 
These have a fun and whimsical feeling to them, they’re perfect for letters or even in your planner
The artist who creates these fun and upbeat stickers hails from Frankfurt, Germany
We’re particularly fond of the color scheme. The sort of muted colors are perfect for this sort of dull and drab season – some color, but not too much!
Kate Rowland makes tons of cute wooden earrings, in fact there’s something for everyone if you look around her Etsy Shop. The earrings that we received just happened to be perfect for us!
Every aspect of these earrings is done by hand, by Kate. From the drawing to the engraving and right down to the painting. We love the mail! And if you read this blog regularly we can most certainly say that you do as well… so you can get on board with this earrings’ sentiment!
Gel Heart Pen
This thin pen is super cute. Love these two colors together. This almost eeks into the “kawaii” category with it’s very fun and youthful design
This is the only item in the box that isn’t handmade
We are really fond of the tip. It’s a super fine point and we hope the kids don’t steal this before we get a chance to use it a few time!
This simple notebook is great to keep in your pocket to take notes with
The inside is unruled so you can feel free to doodle away. We always seem to end up using notebooks like this to make our never ending lists!
The back is stamped with the Slim Note Logo. Now our new pen has a friend
These yummy little bars came all the way from Canada! We couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into this truffle bar!
They’re pretty punny…
We were not expecting this! There are little pigs molded into the bar and silly as it sounds we didn’t expect white chocolate either
This was quite enjoyable… the flavors came together nicely as we ate it. The raspberry left a really nice after taste

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation.
The Revel Box is an awesome collection of very beautiful and cute items. 
We enjoyed the presentation and feel that it puts this box into a whole new level as far as presentation is concerned. The quality of each of the items included in this box is fantastic! Curation though is where we are awed! Each item is either handmade or chosen for it’s exceptional details. The items in this box are absolutely perfect for this Valentine Themed Revel Box. We really think this box makes a great gift or even  a great “treat yourself” type splurge.
As far as box economy we couldn’t really find prices for most of the items included in the Revel Box. We do think that the price is fair and have heard rumors of pottery in next month’s Spring Themed Box!

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