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Touted as a new frontier in superfoods Zupafood is a dietary supplement we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try. 
You’ll receive this combination of superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, marine collagen, elastin polypeptides and antioxidants in convenient single serve package. What makes it most convenient is that you’ll receive a month’s supply at a time, so you can easily tell when you will need to buy more. Convenience is an ongoing theme, because all you have to do to make this is just mix it with water or juice or whatever you’d like and drink while it’s in suspension. That’s it!

So what is this stuff?

This New Zealand made product has a unique blend of kiwi fruit powder, kiwi fruit extract, grape seed extract, grape skin extract, grape juice powder and apple fibre. Because there are three different types (SKIN – ELITE – GREENZ) and we received the ELITE it also contains organic barley grass and organic wheat grass. The medicinal mushrooms included in Zupafood help boost immune system and increase libido. 
So basically this is a great vitamin! Helping with your immune system, increasing energy, with a healthy dose calcium and skin enhancing polypeptides! 

Okay, but how does it taste?

Not that bad! Here is a photo before we’ve added liquid. It is just a green powder
Here is the powder once in liquid. The taste is mildly sweet but mostly earthy as you’d expect a greens drink to taste. We thought it tasted fine! 
We like this product, and think if you are searching for a dietary supplement that is convenient with a lot of different healthy benefits this is one you should definitely check out!

Check Out Zupafood

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