What’s Up Wednesday

Today for the first time… I tried raw oysters. My husband (he is the most thoughtful) took me because a couple weeks ago we drove by an oyster bar and I said, “You know I’ve never had a live oyster.” he turned around to take me. They were closed. Today we were driving by a Legal Sea Foods so he stopped the car and told me I had a surprise. They were delicious, we shared a dozen! 

I Love This Man!

Even if he’s kind of crazy!

What else?

Started watching Rick  & Morty
Listening to this OVER AND OVER
so, so good
And not a whole lot else… kind of a good thing. It was pretty busy there for a little while. 
We are having a huge sleepver here this weekend for the girls so I’ve been preparing for that – all good kind of fun!

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Until Next Wednesday – BYEEE

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