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The Period Club is a new “time of the month” subscription box. What’s really nice is that you can customize the entire box. From the type (pads, tampons, or both) to the brand (Always, Kotex, Tampax), to the flow (light, regular, and heavy). Subscriptions are just $12 a month.

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Period Club Box. It’s very feminine and fun feeling!
It is also important to note that it comes in a very discreet package
Everything that we received in our Period Club Box. This box is stuffed with stuff!
For our box we tried to choose the most assorted of the items so you guys could see what The Period Club has to offer! We chose a regular flow and both a mix of tampons and pads

So what is all this stuff?

Always Infinity Heavy Pads
We received two of these heavy absorbency pads. 
We love the wrappers on the Always Infinity!
Always Infinity Overnight Pad
There was one overnight pad, which are always nice to have around!
Always Infinity Regular Pads
There were five regular pads as well. 
There were a total of 8 pads included in The Period Club Box
Always Pantiliners
We really love that they’ve included a considerable amount of pantiliners. They’re great for those days when your period “might come back to surprise you” 
Tampax Super Tampons
We received 8 regular tampons. Which makes sense since we chose the Regular flow option. 
Tampax Super Tampons
There were 2 super tampons included as well, for those times you need a bit extra.
Hershey Kisses
And of course what time of the month box would be complete without chocolate! We received 3 Hershey Kisses in our Period Club Box!

So in summary

We can’t do our typical box breakdown with a box like this one since time of the month boxes are pretty straight forward. But we can say that we like all of the options that The Period Club offers and we feel we got a great assortment of feminine hygiene items! We love the packaging and that it’s discreet. The convenience of boxes like this is what is most appealing and ours arrived very quickly (in about two days)!We think this would make an excellent gift for any young girl in your life or of course yourself as well! 
As far as box economy we feel that the $12 this box costs is a great deal!

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