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*products received free for review

If you remember we reviewed the GradBin Subscription Box a few months ago. Now we’re back at it reviewing the entirely customizable build a box that they offer. All you have to do is fill your cart and GradBin will curate the box for you! We think this is awesome if you have a budget you want to keep in mind or have a picky person on your shopping list!
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Everything that we received in our custom GradBin Box!
We tried to pick a good assortment to really give you guys a feel for the variety

So what is all this stuff?

St. Louis Salted Caramels
These were yummy. Very buttery and creamy. A welcome item in any care package!
We love caramel but had never tried these before… so happy we did!
Oliver really, really enjoyed them
Woolite Laundry Soap
You never know where the day is going to take you… which is why hand washing detergent can come in handy! There are three of these these instant detergents included
Kind Blueberry Vanilla Cashew
Super healthy and gives you energy to conquer any obstacles that arise during your day. This bar is the fruit and nut variety so it’s soft and sweet! Also, non GMO and gluten free
Kind Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
So darn good and packed with 7 grams of Fiber and 6 grams of Protein. These also happen to look quite appetizing
This was definitely our favorite of the two… the flavors were perfect-o!
100 Reasons to Panic
This book is an adorable little tongue in cheek touch to any custom box! 
We love the illustrations and find it quite funny!
Oh the pleasure of being a grown up!
There were even a couple that hit a little too close to home for us…
:snaps book shut:

So in summary

We received an awesome box of items! We think this would make an amazing care package or “Treat yo’ Self” present for any college student! There is an additional shipping charge (calculated at checkout) for this one time box so the total cost would be $29.32 which is a great deal!  We love the fun items as well as tasty treats that they have available in the shop! And we love that they use 2-3 Day priority shipping!
Great way to “give a grad a hug” if you can’t do it in person!

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