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Peaches & Petals is a monthly lifestyle subscription box that sends themed variety of items. From candles to selfie sticks – each month is an absolute treat! Subscriptions are $19.99 a month but with code PEACHTREE you’ll receive 50% off your first box. 
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside this month’s box smelled awfully sweet! 
Everything that we received in this month’s Peaches and Petals Subscription Box.
The theme is “how sweet it is” and it definitely is!
Such a pretty and delicate collection of items!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert for the month with a March spoiler
A contest and subscriber only discount! You can win Too Faced!
Sugar Sweet Soy Candle
Perfect for the Valentine Season this candle smells of cotton candy. However, we detected a bit of a fruity scent as well… this is actually a Target candle (and we love us some Target)
We love the packaging and think it’s important to note this is soy and burns for 20 hours!
Sugar Scrub Shower Mochi
$1.95 (each)
These shower mochis are used to slough off dead skin during your shower. Because they use coconut oil they leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished.
We received the Orange Creamsicle and Cotton Candy (we’re sensing a little bit of a theme here!)
We love the orange creamsicle’s vibrant color. It has a creamy fruity scent as well,  we will definitely use this
The cotton candy was definitely our favorite though, it smelled and looked great! 
This really smelled exactly like cotton candy – kinda made us hungry!
Love the colors, this is definitely a pretty shower mochi!
Love Birds Salt + Pepper Shaker
We love birds so this was a welcome box inclusion! The packaging for these is beautiful. We believe they are intended to be wedding favors but they can grace our table anytime!
These sweet little birdies are too cute!
Girl Scouts Caramel Delight Lip Smacker
You know we are stoked about this! Not only are we girl scouts but we love us some caramel delights!
Love the packaging! We noticed they didn’t use the name caramel delights like we do but called it Coconut Caramel Stripes instead (not sure the reasoning behind that)
 The color is right! These are the rich brown color of a caramel delight. The taste is slightly different… this definitely has the caramel flavor but not the buttery-ness of them which makes sense. Still a totally fun lip balm!
Will Work for Cupcakes Canvas Print
This was a surprise item and varied box to box. We love this – we also scoured the internet for price for this but couldn’t find one. Not sure where this is going to live in our home yet but we definitely love the colors! 
Love Themed Throw Pillow Cover
This is adorable! It was our spoiler for last month so we knew it was coming. We do love the colors and think this is an excellent addition to your “girl boss area”! That is definitely where we’ll be putting this!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription quality, curation, and presentation.
As you guys may remember we reviewed the first Peaches and Petals Subscription Box and we feel like they have come so far. They’ve always been fun and kind of quirky (and that fits us to a tee) but now they’re fine tuning this box and really making it a nicely curated selection. We feel like this month has been the best yet. The quality was GREAT! The presentation was great as well and the curation for this, “how sweet it is” box was really executed beautifully! We recommend this as a treat for yourself or a girlfriend, who needs an inexpensive womens’ lifestyle box!
As far as box economy the Peaches and Petals Subscription costs $19.99 a month and for that we received $24 in items and that doesn’t include the canvas print! That’s a steal as far as we’re concerned!
Don’t forget use code PEACHTREE to get half off your first box!

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