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Terra Bella Box is a monthly all natural and cruelty free subscription box. There are two different sizes for boxes. The Terra Bella Full Sized Subscription Box (5-6 items) $34.95 + shipping and The Terra Bella Lite Subscription Box (2-3 items) $16.95 + shipping. 
*prices have recently changed which is reflected above
Use Code TREEBONUS to get a bonus item in your first Terra Bella Box. (good for only the full sized box)
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
If you watched the unboxing you know we had a little blip and one of the items leaked ever so slightly. It all worked out though and actually looked worse than it was!
Everything that we received in our Terra Bella Beauty Box this month. We are loving this selection. 
It’s an interesting mix of items that we haven’t received before in a beauty box! 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts for February along with a March Sneak Peak
Lunasea Botanicals Carrot Tomato Face Cleanser!
We received this shea butter and goat’s milk soap moisturizer in a lovely lavender scent. 
You can put this stuff anywhere you want a little extra hydration, even your hair and lips!
The consistency of this is particularly nice. It comes off like a thicker balm but goes on the skin evenly and doesn’t feel thick or goopy at all!
This was our sneak peak from last month and we were stoked to receive it!  After looking around their site, we are impressed and are kind of crushing on the kits they have available
This is all natural and has minimal ingredients but how does it work? Well, the cinnamon in this brings blood to the surface of your lips and gives them a more rosy red color. It’s suggested this be used only once or twice a week as your lips can become immune to the effect. 
I used this and forgot to take a picture… now I’m afraid to use it again for fear it will stop working on me! My lips did get pinker! Also, it tastes like Red Hots guys – perfect for a Valentine Box!
Is this not the cutest thing? We haven’t had a chance to use this yet but love our hot baths so will definitely have to video what it’s like when it fizzes up! 
This is actually a duo product. The frosting top is a bubble bar and the bottom is a moisturizing bath bomb filled with Dead Sea Salts and Sweet Almond Oil. 
In the unboxing I totally read this wrong… yikes. You do not just drop it in the tub, you run the frosting under the hot water and then drop the bottom portion in the tub. This also came with a subscriber only coupon for their Etsy which is adorable! Can’t wait to relax in the tub with this baby!
qc naturals lottie’s body oil
This is the item that leaked a bit. However, it came in it’s own separate bag (which is a testament to how savvy the people at Terra Bella are). The tiny bit that got out was contained in it’s own little area. And the way it looked was much worse than what it was. It speaks volumes to how far this oil can go… there is none missing! 
We actually really love the pump as well. None of the oils we’re using currently have this and it’s a really convenient feature. The formula itself is unscented and very nourishing, great if you use body oil after your shower
This was something totally different and you know us, we love different! This is a Wild Strawberry flavored breath mist. It’s 100% all natural and sweetened with Stevia. This stuff really tastes like strawberries and is lightly sweet. The kids used it when they got home from school and it really works! Their breath smelled fruity, and they liked it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. We love this box. Every month the Terra Bella Beauty Box surprises us with something we would never have thought of and brings to light new brands and products that inspire us to be more selective in our quest for beauty. As always presentation was great and the thoughtful packaging saved the day! The quality is as always, amazing! And curation is perfect, we’re not sure how they find all these amazing brands but they definitely have a knack for it!
As far as box economy the Terra Bella Box is $34.95 a month and for that we received $49.23 in products! Awesome deal!
And don’t forget if you sign up use TREEBONUS and get a bonus item in your first box (new subscribers only)

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