What’s Up Wednesday

Hey guys… hope you all are well.
This week has been a little strange
I don’t even know why I was taking selfies but whatever. 
My eyebrows are hidddeeoouussss

So, the week has been frustrating. And I’m sure many of you can relate because you have kids, lives, careers, maybe even a blog. Whatever. 
I always, always, always bite off more than I can chew and get frustrated at the lack of balance because I’m excelling at one area and another is just sinking.
The girl scout cookie thing has been consuming (and I”m sure after the fact I’ll post a nice little I’m mad at the Girl Scouts rant) me. There is just so many cookies! 
So my husband, my wonderful husband (who told me this was something that would loom over me) has been so patient and yes…. that’s where I’m at. Just. Get. Through. Cookie. Season.
Today, I took a drive through a National Park near my house. 
To clear my head and my spirit a little
Sometimes it’s just necessary to be somewhere where you can’t see another living soul (except the kids sleeping in the backseat)

So what else?

*Belle bought (with her own saved money) a Baby Alive! Ugh – there will be a rant at some point.
Good Stuff
I saw this stranger help another stranger walk through a parking lot the other day, that was pretty touching!
We had a big sleepover Saturday and all the girls made a sleepmask with their name on it.
So easy, and inexpensive. I bought the masks at the Dollar Tree and then we just used glitter glue to put on their names! Totally fun!

Messes of the Week

I’d have a lot more pictures but I’m more focused on cleaning the messes than recording them so I only have this to show for the week. Two children under three, eating rice at lunchtime… 

Nails of the Week

These weren’t awesome but kind of cute 
Compliments received : 2
Yes, that’s how we’re measuring greatness now… through the approval of others!
Just a simple base coat
Sally Hansen something or other in gray
Matte top coat
Art Deco nail art in yellow
hope you all are having an amazing week! 
Leave me some news below!

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