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*product was received free for review

The Ticklish Giraffe is an online retailer that sells fun, and quirky bath and body items. They’ve recently branched into the field of subscriptions with their monthly Fan Fun Box. There will be 4-6 full and deluxe size items in each box one of which will always be a Tubby Tornado (trust us – read on to find out why that is awesome!). You’ll also receive a coupon good for $5 off your next TTG Shop purchase! Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
This may be the funnest box we’ve ever done!
Everything that we received in our Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box
The theme is “Ahoy me Hearties” 
This is ….. so adorable. The blue paper for the ocean is icing on a very sweet cake!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. We LOVE the names of these items!
And just a little something for effect…
Clean the Poop Deck Bath Bombs
My kids think this name is HILARIOUS. And well, it is! These toilet bombs are for throwing in “Davey Jones Crapper” to clean and freshen. We received a sample size with four bombs a full size is $8 and looks as though it has about 12 bombs in it.
Berried Treasure Soap
Handcrafted soap is so pretty and we love the swirls of this shea butter soap. We also love The Ticklish Giraffe stamp on the side! This 2 ounce bar is scented with Blackberry and warm vanilla cream and smells amazing!
Coupla’ gems and doubloons they threw in for us… no biggie
Polly Want a Cracker Super Whipped Body Butter
This super whipped body butter uses Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. This scent is so yummy, cinnamon and spice on fresh cookie dough makes us just a wee bit hungry
The formula for this is really nice. It’s a bit of a heavier consistency making it perfect for before bed or after showering. 
Salty Dog Bath Salt Soak
There was enough of this bath soak for one use. The description of this scent is described as floral sweetness meets cedarwood and amber. I wouldn’t have called it that myself but that’s exactly what it smells like
This smelled so good even Swifty had to come over to get a smell
The Jolly Roger Dry Oil Perfume
This dry oil spray is full size and is scented of the island drink that bears it’s name and is coconutty and summery all at once. It’s instantly absorbed by the skin and leaves you feeling softer and smelling wonderfully!
Totally Bombed Tubby Tornado
First of all, the cannon is adorable! We really love, love the packaging of this subscription.
The bomb inside is brightly colored pink and blue and is scented Grapefruit and Sugar. We were pretty excited to throw this in the tub!
This was insane! We could have taken pictures for like five minutes… it just went on and on. It smelled great and gave the water a little bit of an emollient feel as well. Totally a lavish way to take a bath 
And lucky us, there was a surprise inside!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box has the most amazing presentation ever! We loved unboxing this and thought the theme and how the rest of the box tied in with it perfectly was fabulous. Just absolutely love it!
Quality is excellent, we thought all of these items were handmade with love – you can certainly feel it! Curation is also wonderful, because this is all from the same online store they gave us a glimpse at their range. We were able to experience a wide variety of their products and the different scents that they offer and we were really impressed with all of them.
As far as box economy we couldn’t really find prices on most of the items in the box but think that The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box is definitely worth it’s $29.99 price tag. 
We also think this is a box to watch out for – because it has loads and loads and loads of potential. 

Check Out The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Box 

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