Ashi Subscription Box | Review | Unboxing | February 2016

Ashi Box is a monthly subscription box that sends items that enhance and improve your yoga practice. You can read our other review on the wonderful Ashi “Giving” Box Here
Subscriptions are $35 monthly
*product was received free for review / post contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the February Ashi Box and we are immediately greeted by this Hanuman sticker
Everything that we received in the February Hanuman themed box. 
This box focused on Hanuman a reincarnation of Shiva that is known for his life of devotion and ignorance of the word impossible. (We love that). He also reminds us that life is playful.
This box also focuses on Bhakti Yoga or the yoga of devotion.

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that explains everything that we received this month
Information about Hanuman and Bhakti Yoga
Hanuman Yoga Poses: Anjaneyasana and Hanumanasana 
(interestingly enough, I didn’t a red line under either of those words!)

Our Hanuman Mantra and other ways to tie in your learnings of Hanuman to your everyday life. 
Ashi Box actually has a Spotify channel and each box has a playlist. 
Here’s the Hanuman

Yoga Strap


This strap can be incorporated into your asana practice in many ways. The poses on the box inserts include the yoga strap. You can also check out the Ashi Box Blog for more ideas!

Sencha Mango Green Tea Mints

These yummy mints taste like mango and are made with whole leaf green tea and look like tiny little leaves. They are however, included for a very Hanuman related reason. When Hanuman was a playful young monkey baby (and before he was known as Hanuman) he woke one morning wanting to eat the giant yellow mango in the sky (the sun). Of course the sun wasn’t happy about something like that, and had the baby monkey struck down. Vayu the god of wind and also coincidentally baby Hanuman’s father was pretty mad about that and sucked up all the air which created a suffocating effect. The gods came together in order to appease Vayu they revived the young monkey, named him Hanuman and gave him many gifts and abilities.

Hanuman Sticker

This Hanuman sticker is very cool, it was also the first thing that we saw when we looked inside this month’s Ashi Box. Jury is still out on what we want to do with this. Probably somehow frame it for our Indian themed bathroom!

So Well Himalayan Salt Heart

Super excited to give this a try. This Himalayan Salt Stone is a natural deodorant, skin treatment and massage stone

All in the form of this pretty pink heart. Looking around their site is mighty temping as well. So many all natural goodies!

Hanuman Brass Statue

This Murti or statue is only about an inch tall but a small reminder that you are protected and that life is meant to be playful and finally, that our true nature is to live through service.

Small enough to keep in your bag or pocket. Impossible to forget!

Recycled Varnasi Silk Sari

Used to brighten up our sacred spaces or to sew into a pouch or really, whatever we’d like. I believe one of these comes in each Ashi Box

Hanuman Tote Bag

This Hanuman Tote Bag is an awesome way to carry all of your goodies around! We’ll probably use this for a library bag. But you could definitely use this to carry around your yoga essentials

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation.  The presentation of the Ashi Box is nice. We like that we are given a lot of information about the theme and the items that we receive. Without all of the included information we might feel overwhelmed but it does a great job tying the box together so we understand the lesson for the month. Quality is great, all the items are wonderful. Curation is also excellent. We are really impressed with the way that they’ve brought the theme full circle. Every item in the Ashi Box this month is there for a reason. It’s important to note as well that we really love this lesson, we struggle with anxiety (I know, I know, who doesn’t) and having a reminder that life is meant to be fun is a something we can definitely benefit from!
As far box economy the Ashi Box costs $35 each month and for that we received $42 in items which we think is awesome. If you are looking to further your yoga practice this is definitely a great option for you!

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