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Zen Box Essential Oils is a monthly subscription box that sends you essential oils. Each month you can expect to receive two single oils and one blend for a total of three essential oils each month. In addition each quarter you are sent a fourth item. Subscriptions are $45.99 monthly 
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Zen Box.
Love this color!
The 3 oils that we received in our Zen Box. 
We love Frankincense and with all the children running around our house we can use an immune boost!

So what is all this stuff?

The card included in our Zen Box Subscription. All of the instructions for the contents of each box and each oil is sent by email each month.
We received a 0.34 ounce bottle of this essential oil. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils. It’s popularity is mainly due to it’s calming and relaxing effects. It is because of Lavender Essential Oil that the father of aromatherapy Rene Maurice Gattefosse devoted his life to aromatherapy. He was badly burned and used lavender essential oil to help the wounds heal faster and with minimal scarring. He was also able to avoid gaseous gangrene because of the antiseptic properties in Lavender. Lavender also reduces pain and is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-fungal, and good for both body and mind
How to Use: Breath in! Put a few drops in your diffuser or on a cotton ball to relieve stress and anxiety. Apply a few drops to a cut or scrape. If you have arthritis you can use a few drops in a creme or body oil and massage onto skin daily as an anti-inflammatory. Add a few drops of lavender to a cold compress to relieve a headache. Use as a fabric softener by putting one or two drops in your washing machine. There are many, many more included but this is just a sampling!
Lavender is an all around useful essential oil to have on hand
Frankincense is kind of new to us but we’ve really come to love it! The scent is woodsy and deep and definitely a hearty scent. We received a bottle with 0.34 ounces inside. In the information that we received Frankincense can help promote cell regeneration and also keep existing cells and tissue healthy. Also helps aid in oxygenation of blood to the brain which can lead to better oxygen absorption. A great antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic as well. 
How to Use: Breathe in! Use in your diffuser or a few drops on a cottonball. Add to cuts or scrapes once or twice daily to help healing. Can be added to face creams as an anti-aging serum. Add a few drops to creme and use as a chest rub for inflammatory issues. Add a few drops to a cream and rub on joints to help with the aches of arthritis. Diffusing Frankincense can kill airborne bacteria and microbes, also giving you better focus!
We received a 0.47 ounce bottle of the blend that was included this month. This immune boosting blend contains oregano, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon, peppermint and frankincense; it smells fantastic! Each oil contains some form of immune boosting or microbial fighting properties. This is probably the oil we are most curious about because during these colder winter months (and well, let’s face it all year) we get sick because the kids get sick and it would be really helpful to have something preventative on hand.
How to Use: Massage onto wrists, neck, and feet at bedtime. Breathe it in! Either from the diffuser or directly from the bottle this is a great way to get an energy boost! 
Recommend: As with all essential oils please do a patch test before applying topically.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Zen Box is a great way to start building your essential oil collection without putting out a lot of money all at once. We feel like this subscription could be great for anyone interested in essential oils from novice to expert. And we absolutely love that they’ve included all the information and in depth anecdotes for each one! As far as presentation this box is great. Everything came exactly as it should and is packaged beautifully. Quality is great, these oils are a great quality and smell amazing! Curation is tip-top as well. Because this is the debut box we think they put together a great selection; the lavender for it’s widespread acclaim and the frankincense and immune boost for their cold, cough and flu fighting powers! 
We enjoyed Zen Box and think this is a great way to further your at home aromatherapy or to start learning about holistic wellness!
As far as box economy we aren’t sure the cost of each essential oil but know that buying them one by one can get very pricey! With a subscription like Zen Box you’re able to get a few at a time for less cost! 
Use code 15ZENLAV to receive 15% off an entire plus a free lavender essential oil!

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