Adult Color Box | Review | Unboxing | February 2016

Adult Color Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you a completely different assortment of coloring books and supplies each month. Each box is limited and the contents are kept secret! Subscriptions are $30 month to month or you can buy a 3 month subscription for $80
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
This is the actual box, it was wrapped in the pretty paper in the picture above. This is the box within.
Our first glimpse inside. Super cute! Love it!
Everything that we received in the February Adult Color Box and … it is a colorful assortment!
If you want a bit of interesting reading about adult coloring books check out this article.

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert comes in the form of a thank you card and details everything that we received in the February Box!
This pack of 4 gel pens was included in the box. We haven’t used gel pens in about 15 years so this was a fun bit of nostalgia for us!
These bright colors are a lot of fun!
Old Faithful! A good old pack of Crayola Crayons – funny enough we ended up using these the most!
These felt tip markers come in a variety of colors and go on like watercolors. 
The hexagonal shape of these is pretty cool. The case is a durable metal and very nice!
The actual markers are perfect. They go on evenly and give you just the right amount of color without making the paper too wet. 
These mini colored pencils are pretty cute! Besides being small they come in these vibrant and intense colors!
Because February’s box was so sweet! (You see what we did there – so punny!)
A very fun little coloring book full of cheery pictures of wild animals
This page shows an octopus (left) and dragonflies (right)
Definitely our favorite item in the box. Just like it says, art therapy!  A perfect way to unwind and decompress! I know when I’m at the book store I always get sucked into the shelves that have all of these coloring books on them but I get so overwhelmed with the options I don’t know which to select, so thanks Adult Color Box!
A couple of the pages

Okay so now what?

Now we color!
First, we did one of the wildlife pictures. Of course we chose birds (we love birds). We used the colored pencils for this picture.
We haven’t finished this one yet – and despite these looking simple there are many small details and they’re really pictures that you work on over time!
Then we did one of the art therapy patterns. It was started for us in the photo above. We just continue what was started. We tried with the watercolor markers but decided that the crayons worked best. The colors matched extremely well!
Our finished pattern!
No big deal guys… just a little something we colored!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Adult Color Box is fun and different and we love it! It was presented in a cute and fun way – super colorful just as you’d imagine a coloring box to be. Quality is awesome – we love the markers and the coloring books. PLUS we got a throwback to our teen hood with the gel pens… can’t beat that! Curation is awesome as well and we love that these are “limited” boxes – makes it feel special and one of a kind. 
All around we would say this is a great idea if you enjoy working with your hands and are looking for a relaxing new hobby. 
As far as box economy the Adult Color Box costs $30 each month and while we couldn’t find prices for a few of the items in the box we think that all of this stuff is worth well over that!

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