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CMYfabriK Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you a craft with detailed instructions and necessary supplies and some extra fun goodies! There are two subscription options; the sew which includes your own handheld sewing machine (first month only) and the no sew which includes a hot glue gun (first month only). Subscriptions start at $35
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the CMYfabriK Box
We love this box filler!

Everything that we received in our CMYfabriK Box
Love all of these colors and above all else, love the fabric!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert mimics the fabric that we received
and opens up to reveal the February No Sew Craft. 
A “Tribal Dootlizh (green)” Wreath
This green fabric is appropriate for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday but we love that it has a bit of a flair with the aztec designs and also the gradiant of the color that all make it just a bit quirky
We love burlap… particularly in home decor items so we’re excited to see this was included. We also love the way that the fabrics were wrapped up as well with the twine.
We use hot glue to do everything… so having an extra on hand is pretty nice! The hot glue gun is included in the first box you receive with your “no sew” subscription
This serrated tracing wheel is great for marking multiple layers of bulky fabrics… like burlap!
Great inclusion in the CMYfabriK Box
Twine is awesome… it’s good for so many things. 
Definitely a great embellishment item for our wreath!
Love this acid green spool of thread, such a great color!
Push your tomato out of the way! This little cactus pin cushion is tiny and sweet and that pot?
It’s a real terra cotta pot! There is a larger cactus as well on their Etsy
We think this is a fun spin on an old idea and really love the splash of color it adds to your creative space!
This cute sticker to slap one of those blank areas of your crafting area!
This pretty green zip up pouch is filled with little tools to complete our project from CMYfabriK Box
Included inside was a wheel of pins (Is that where the word pinwheel comes from?), fabric shears, seam ripper, tailor tape, and a package of needles. We love that the tape measure has CMYfabriK Box’s name on it! Super cute!
This roll of washi tape perfectly matches the other items included in this box and as you guys know… we use washi tape all the time in our photos!
This tape is covered in sweet little sprinkles, YUM!
This pin fashioned to look like a spool of thread could NOT be cuter! We love this shop’s Etsy and all the origami themed items they do as well!
And of course our shamrock pattern for our wreath craft!

Okay, so now what?

Now we craft. First thing first, we cut out our shamrock pattern. As you can see on it there is an outer and inner shamrock that are noted with either burlap or fabric template
To prep we also trace and cut a 14×14″ green fabric square, a 1×8″ strip of burlap, and a 3/4×8″ strip of green fabric
Next, we trace our shamrock pattern onto the burlap. Pin the two pieces of burlap together and cute them out

At this point you will trim your template down to just the inner “fabric” shamrock.

Then  you will trace the shamrock onto the back of your green fabric

And cut out

Leaving your with something like this!

Now you will glue the shamrock onto the burlap

We did ours section by section because the glue dries too quickly to do the whole piece of fabric at once

We then glue the green fabric onto the burlap strip

Then create a loop and hot glue the ends together

You’ll get something like this

Finally you glue this loop between the two pieces of burlap and then glue (section by section) the two pieces of burlap together

Our finished shamrock!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The presentation of the CMYfabriK Box is awesome! Everything is packaged super cutely and everything arrives exactly as it should! The quality is great as well – this is a really nice way to get crafting each month! The curation is so much fun. We love that it isn’t just the essentials. There are fun items included as well that make the actual craft feel less monotonous or daunting. We know it’s hard to make time for things that aren’t necessary but if there’s something new and cute we get to use… it may be a little more motivating! Definitely for you if you like to make things but are just a busy person or Mom. Also a great, amazing gift (hint hint husbands)!
As far as box economy breaking down a box like the CMYfabriK Box would be pretty hard as most of the value of a box and boxes like this one is in the curation and the craft itself. You can’t put a value on an experience which is what we get. We think this box is well worth it’s price tag!

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