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*product was received free for review

Lux Beauty Club is a subscription box that sends you hair extensions (that you choose) at a frequency (which you also choose)! We just love doing new stuff and so this was a no brainer! Subscriptions start at about $29.99 and can go all the way up into the hundreds depending on the quality and frequency. You can get a delivery once a month or once a year it’s entirely up to you.
You can also do a one time purchase and just buy from their online shop!
Prices in their shop reflect one time purchases. Subscriptions receive a 20% discount

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Lux Beauty Club Box
Everything that we received in our Lux Beauty Club Box
For us this box is a lot of fun. It’s like an extension of makeup… a new area of our face to have fun and change up!

So what is all this stuff?

We didn’t realize before this box that you could buy “buns” to add to your existing ones! This is such a cool idea
This photo is deceiving – the color looks really light here for whatever reason. This matched my hair so well and the color was much deeper and richer than it seems here
This is our favorite item! Love, love, love this! It adds volume to my existing messy bun. It also works with  “Mom Hair”. This is perfect for everyday. Have had this in since we unboxed it!
This bun can be used for very elegant and formal styles as well as the everyday to sort of “dress up” whatever you have going on. We are so in love with it!
These are a lot of fun! There are 7 different colors to choose from on their site!
This is 18″ long so we cut it to the length of our own natural hair 
You can wash these, style them and heat up to 400 degrees!
This is a clip in extension. This is the clip that you fasten to your hair
We actually really think the peek-a-boo color is cool and would like to do it with a few colors!
We couldn’t find this in their shop but think this is a cool idea.
It’s a tad darker than our hair color but we definitely could rock this!
It’s the same texture as my own hair so it kind of blends perfectly!
This 7 piece kit has 18″ hair extensions in a variety of styles. There are four clip, three clip, two clip and single clip extensions included. You can style and wash these and also heat up to 400 degrees
Again the light made these look lighter than they actually are. 
The back of the box shows a number of different styles possible.
Since this was our first time we tried to keep it simple. 
These blend really well. We like that they add a lot of volume. We learned quickly putting these in that placing them is kind of like an art.

Love the volume! This is great for a night out or a big event. Definitely wish I had, had these when I got married. Would have been beautiful!
This is definitely a great idea if you lack fullness in your hair – these just add umph!
This travel set comes with 10 pieces of tape on human hair extensions. Additional adhesives and a spray extension remover are also included. The idea of a tape in extension is new to us so naturally we were the most nervous to try these but also excited!
The inside of the extension kit. There are Tape On Extension Kit instructions you can find some videos on line as well. It’s really all about being confident with this stuff!
To adhere the extension we just pull off the tab and put the sticky on our scalp
This is after I put in the first extension. There are a couple differences between this and the clip ins. The first is that these are much more light weight. You won’t feel the pulling that you will with the clip in. However, these do not seem to have the same volume as the clip ins. They are more “wispy” as well.
Our extensions! 
I wanted you guys to see the length … otherwise we would have trimmed these a bit to make them blend a little better with our natural hair!
These are the extra adhesives that we received in the kit
To apply we simply peel the old one off of the extension
And place the new one on!
It’s a very simple process.
And then, to take them off you spray this on the adhesive and they come out without any trouble!

So in summary

We can’t do our typical price breakdown with the Lux Beauty Club Box because you decide what is in there and the frequency. We can say that this is an awesome option for anyone looking to change up their style. From hair extension novice to expert the Lux Beauty Club has something for everyone. The extensions are simple enough that anyone can figure them out and look great! Even Me! We love that they have such a varied and unique selection and that if you subscribe you can save 20%! The quality of the extensions and the hair pieces that we received was really nice and we are really excited to get to use these!

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