What’s Up Wednesday

This week What’s Up Wednesday is going to be a bit different because it’s going to be about gratitude.
Sometimes this blog – while it’s my passion and my time consuming hobby – can be thankless.
And you see other people doing similar things but taking shortcuts and getting ahead.
And you can feel resentful… so I meditated on that a bit this week.

Love this video! It helped me really put my feelings into perspective.
I have these beautiful people in my life.
And I’ve found something that I’m passionate and good at.
And the world is still just as beautiful when I wake up each morning.
There is nothing more to want in this life.
If I achieve more that’s wonderful but until then I am satisfied.
And I wish everyone well. In fact, not just well… I wish them the very best
I’m learning to use my competitive nature to bring out positive results.
Not to destroy what I’ve created on my own.
We took this amazing daytrip to Middlecreek Wildlife Reserve to see the Snow Geese that rest here for a few weeks during migratory season. We do it each year, but this year was particularly magnificent.
These moments… are what matter.
I am so grateful for anyone reading this blog.
Thank you, thank you.
That anyone reads this is a blessing, and I am overjoyed to share my life with my readers!
I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes it takes these awesome (in the literal sense) experiences to “de-compartmentalize” our lives and look at it on this grand scale. 
Have a Great Week!

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