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The Piper Marie Panty Ship is a monthly women’s undergarment subscription box. There are two subscription options, The Crush which sends you a pair of panties each month, surprise gifts, and 15% off the entire site for the life of your subscription. The Crush costs $39.95 monthly. Then there’s the Head over Heels subscription which is $89.95 monthly and includes a lingerie set each month, surprise gifts, and 20% off their entire site for the life of your subscription.
Use Code TREE to receive an extra pair of panties with your order (April Panty Ship orders need to be placed by 3/31)

Check out the unboxy box video

Our first glimpse inside this gorgeously packaged box is a welcome treat! 
The pin is a unique and very pretty touch
Everything that we received in our Piper Marie Panty Ship.
We have to say this is the most variety we’ve ever received in a panty subscription and we just love it! This is a “lucky” box. Each month a few of the Piper Marie Panty Ship subscribers receive some extras beyond the normal gifts, this is what one of those would look like!

So what is all this stuff?

All the information we’ve received in our Panty Ship Subscription Box
These panties come in a gorgeous Aubergine color with Gold flowers stitched on the front and also the back. We couldn’t find this exact pair in the Piper Marie Shop (the panty ship gets first dibs on new styles) we know that a typical pair of underwear costs about $60 because of the sustainable materials that are used. It is also important to note that the companies sourced for The Piper Marie Panty Ship are all from the USA.
The material is very soft and skin hugging. It’s a comfortable and breathable material as well. We really love these – the design in gorgeous!
I really quickly want to touch on something else in case you guys haven’t watched the unboxing.
One of the things I love most about Piper Marie is their campaign to normalize breastfeeding.
This is a big deal for me as I’ve nursed all four of my children for 15 months. So having done it for 60 months I really wish we could let go of some of our reservations about this issue. 
And to really drive it home… that clip I talked about
Love this package! This lotion bar comes from an all natural beauty etsy shop that I stalked for quite a while. 
We received a lavender and an unscented lotion bar. Both were in separate bags to preserve the lavender scent
We’re not sure if lotion bars are a new concept or maybe they just weren’t on our radar but they have been popping up everywhere and we are really happy to have received a full size one! The lavender smells amazing and the lotion is thick and rich and ultra nourishing!
And we love the little thank you for buying handmade note that they’ve included on the packaging as well!
This is our style! This fun print is referred to as “critter” on the site. We think it’s adorable. 
Even more than this print we love the story behind HKelly Designs
Heidi Kelly is a two time breast cancer survivor who decided she would become an entrepreneur and spawned HKelly Designs! A portion of sales goes to Breast Cancer Charities.
There was even a cran-grape flavored chapstick inside! 
We are in love!
Love the inside as well. The green really pops out at you!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. We’re just going to start from the top and work our way through. The presentation of the Piper Marie Panty Ship is awesome. You didn’t see in the photos but each item was wrapped individually. We love the opening of the box as well. There was an attention to detail that indicates to us there was a lot of time and thought put into it. Quality is amazing, we love the efforts they’ve made to create ethically and sustainably sourced fabrics and to support small, American made businesses! This as you know, is one of our favorite talking points. Piper Marie is in the business of raising people up – not pushing people down. We love to stand with those sorts of businesses. Curation is great as well. We just loved this box… we will sing it’s praises all day! Definitely for any lady out there, a great gift idea even if it’s just to yourself! You deserve it!
As far as box economy we aren’t sure of the price of the panties but we absolutely feel that $39.95 is a great price!

Use Code TREE to receive an extra pair of panties with your order (April Panty Ship orders need to be placed by 3/31)

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