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*product was received free for review

Solidify’d Surprise is a monthly fashion subscription box that sends you accessories and beauty items that keep you current! The Solidify’d Surprise is an offshoot of the Solidify’d Collection’s online shop. Subscriptions are $19.99  and I’m not a Tree’s readers can use code “Im not a tree” for a discount!

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside and we are greeted with this striking red tissue!
Everything that we received in our Solidify’d Surprise for the month of March!
We love this mix, perfect for these in between months!

So what is all this stuff?

We have to say that the style of this necklace is super cool. What exactly is the statement it’s making? We’re not sure but we like it.
Love it on, it’s falls in exactly the right place! The little heart charm on the side is a cute detail as well! Great way to start off this box!
elf! One of our favorite drugstore makeup brands! Because they aren’t often included in subscription boxes (except their own bundles) we admittedly don’t own enough of their products! This duo is very pretty and surprisingly goes on much brighter than they look in the pot.
The name of this duo is cinnamon. We love how peachy the darker shade showed up on our arm. A bit of a surprise!
This shawl is a great way to transition from colder winter weather to these warmer spring months. And with the impending spring season this color is a great way to accessorize. But what we love most about this piece is this very deliberate scalloping on the shoulder
The draping of this shawl makes for a dramatic look and you can probably get away with wearing just plain clothes beneath because this is going to make some impressions for you!
Definitely a gorgeous and fun piece, great addition for spring!
This knitted scarf is so soft! A perfect dressed down alternative to the shawl that we received. Wear this if you’d like your outfit to do all the talking!
We are really fond of this more rounded knit pattern, this scarf is extremely lightweight in addition to being very soft. 
The final look is simple yet classy! The fringe gives it a “faux fur” type look and you kind of just want to keep touching it (at least we did)

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The presentation of the Solidify’d Surprise is good, everything came exactly as it should and individually packaged which we really like. Quality is great, we love the pieces that we received! And curation is awesome, everything fits the current season and feels fresh and fun! We really like that the pieces were in the same vein but also different in respect to how we’d wear them. It shows a lot of forethought by the stylists.We definitely think that Solidify’d Surprise is an awesome way to amp up your closet! Perfect as a monthly treat to yourself or a gal pal! 
As far as box economy we feel like the Solidify’d Surprise is an absolute steal! All of this for under $20? It’s seems almost too good to be true… but it isn’t!
And don’t forget I’m not a Tree’s readers can use code “Im not a tree” for a discount!

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