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*product was received free for review

The AKM Magic Box is a new monthly subscription box that sends your child a monthly selection of tricks that have been featured in the popular children’s books “Adventures of a Kid Magician
Subscriptions start at $25

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the AKM Magic Box
Everything that we received in our AKM Magic Debut Box
Penny was really excited about this!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. Important to note: each month you’ll receive a Secret Code which allows you to access videos on The AKM Box Blog
This deck is a trick deck! Half regular playing cards and the other half ALL THE SAME. Those repeat cards have a rough finish so that they stick to the card above it… this way you can fan the deck and fool your audience into thinking all the cards are different
These cards came with really good instructions but like all magic tricks this takes practice.
The fanned deck!
And the little wry devils below! 
Penny honing her craft!
And the end result! Surprise a 5 on top!
This donkey puzzle is more a brain teaser than magic trick but you can still stump people with it!
You start off with the two donkey cards
And then you’ve got to figure out where the little jockey goes! 
We had a little help from Mr. I’m Not a Tree on this one!
This is a classic sleight of hand trick. The was probably the most difficult for Penny to get the gist of but the videos you can access on the AKM Box website were very helpful
Basically you want to keep the signal the same color after you flip it to the other side. This is achieved by flipping but also rotating. Hence the sleight of hand!
This trick was the most fun, however it will be the trickiest to explain. 
At the end everyone will be wowed because you’ve brought a black ball out of nowhere when you started with a red ball
How you ask? Well, you take the square and you fold it inside out around the black ball before the trick and tuck it in your pocket.
The next part is a little difficult (but again the videos help). There’s some sleight of hand where you make it appear as though you’ve made the red ball vanish and then … you reach into your pocket and…
you’ve got the red ball! But wait… there’s more! You push the ball through your hand making sure the hole with the black ball is facing down
And you push out the black ball!
She could have looked a bit more enthused… 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The AKM Magic Box is a fun box that not only gives kids a set of fun tricks to practice it also introduces them to a bit of logical problem solving activities in the guise of magic tricks! The presentation is awesome! We love the box and the bandana that is included. Quality is great, all of the tricks are great and make sense. We love the videos as well because they sort of give the extra encouragement to keep trying. The curation is awesome!  We love that they’ve developed this from a book series, this is an awesome way to get children interested in reading something! We think these tricks are so much fun even for adults (we certainly had fun learning!) Great as a gift for your child or a way to tie in their reading interests to the everyday.
As far as box economy The AKM Magic Box costs $25 monthly. While we aren’t sure of the prices of all of the items included – with boxes like this we pay for curation and the time that’s put into the details which you really can’t put a value on. Having said that for it’s educational value alone we feel like the AKM Magic Box is so worth it’s price!

Check Out The AKM Magic Box

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