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Finer Things Box is a brand new bi-monthly subscription box that sends you a selection of items intended to transport you to a different historical destination. You can expect to find 5-7 items in each box. Subscriptions start at $49
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Finer Things Box and we are welcomed with this shimmery and very pretty golden paper.
Everything that we received in our Finer Things Box. This box celebrates The Gilded Age (1870’s – 1900). This is a very impressive spread!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert explains the “Gilded Age” and all the products that were included in this box.
French cuisine was all the rage and a large part of high society. Which is why this Black Currant Dijon Mustard was included. We use so much mustard in our house it’s ridiculous! So it goes without saying we are more than pleased that this was included. The Edmond Fallot brand makes many different (and delicious sounding) flavors of mustard. 
The color is beautiful pink and it immediately has a scent of vinegar
The flavor is great and the currants get you right at the end and become much more present with continued eating
This was something we had never heard of before! The packaging is amazing! Basically this is just candied chestnuts made into a paste.
If you watched the unboxing you know we didn’t know what a “marron” was. It’s simply the French word for chestnut. We love the metal tube that this comes in and you can buy huge cans of it on Amazon as well!
The actual spread is thick and creamy. It has a very sweet taste and then a nutty finish. It’s so very good! Totally different than anything we’ve ever tried! Somewhat comparable to a nut butter but sweeter
This beautiful Victorian pocket mirror has a vintage world map that makes it feel like long lost treasure
We have always wanted a compact like this – so receiving this was an absolute joy! 
A true relic of the gilded age! This Indian Head Penny has been around nearly a century and one quarter! Try to wrap your head around that!
It’s a bit blurry and kind of hard to read but if you look close enough you can see it says ‘1893’
We received these adorable little toasts to put our spreads atop and also this pretty spreading knife as well. Check out the Brioche Site they have macarons!
The Old Fashioned Lye Soap that we received has been a family recipe for over 100 years. 
You can even use this as a spot remover for your laundry
Handmade in North Carolina this unscented soap boasts a minimal ingredient bar with just water, lard, lye, sodium borate, ammonium hydroxide and sugar. We haven’t had a chance to use it yet but we definitely will

Oh do we love caramels! Very excited to receive these. Love the package, very simple and pretty.
There are 7 caramels in here – you can buy larger containers online… we looked because they are that good!
The kickoff of these very complex caramels is the salt but there’s also this hint of smoky… so amazing and then the longer you have it in your mouth it just turns into this decadent, buttery and creamy, amazing, delicious, little slice of Heaven!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. This box has an amazing selection of items! We have to say that what we like most is the substance and the “experience” feeling that we receive. The presentation is great, a beautifully packaged box with an equally gorgeous set of items. Quality – AMAZING. Such excellently and expertly selected items, couldn’t be more pleased. And curation of course this is where the box becomes an absolute winner. The items that they’ve chosen from the “Gilded Age” are first and foremost… amazing but beyond that they are appropriate. We really feel like we’ve touched down somewhere into this time period and we opened up a lunch satchel. Definitely an excellent way to spend a weekend delving into this box! A great idea for a history buff or people who like to try new things!
As far as box economy the Finer Things Box is $49 bi-monthly and for that we received about $65 in items which is awesome. We think this is an excellent debut box and cannot wait to see what they come up with in the future!

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