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Novel Tea Club is a monthly subscription box that sends you all the ingredients for a great night in! 
You’ll receive a few goodies but can always expect to receive a book and tea. You choose upon subscribing from Young Adult, Sci-Fi, or Romance. Subscriptions are $32.99 (CAN) which is $24.82 (USD) and that includes shipping!

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside, just for a frame of reference we received the young adult box from Novel Tea Club
Every thing that we received in our February Young Adult Novel Tea Club. We have to say this is the most full book box that we’ve ever received!

So what is all this stuff?

We’ve always wanted to try these instant apple ciders and now we shall!
It’s awesome that we live in a world where we can have apple cider any time of the year and it’s super simple to make! 
We’ve had these before but have never seen these in single serving packets! Too cute! These are delicious and definitely a great compliment to tea!
And they are good for you! Yay!
Snacked on these at Gymnastics practice and they’re just as good as we remember
Haven’t had a chance to use these Lavender and Lemongrass Bath Fizzies yet but you could literally smell them through the bag! We’ve become addicted to these, won’t even take a bath without them… because really – what’s the point!
We loved looking around at all their all natural items for sale on their Etsy! And we definitely can’t wait to give these scrumptious bath fizzies a try! We love that you can see the pieces of Calendula and Lavender in them
I think this is one of the coolest names for a tea we’ve ever heard. Their site is amazing… want to try everything.
We received 15 grams of this tea as well as instructions for brewing and steeping. 
It’s a beautiful tea and you can clearly see the citrus peel in it. 
This is definitely an aromatic blend with a warm enveloping flavor and smooth finish. Very tasty indeed!
The first in E. Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver series – “the boyfriend list” follows 15 year old Ruby Oliver. She’s had a rough 10 days! There’s a laundry list of awful things that have happened to her and she has a shrink to prove it. It looks like a fun book and we’re excited to read it.
Coincidentally enough the writer E. Lockhart (Emily Jenkins) is actually from Cambridge, Massachusetts where Mr. I’m Not a Tree moved from! We’ll be sure to keep you posted in the future of our thoughts on this book!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Novel Tea Club Subscription like most book boxes is fun! We love that they offer a variety of subscriptions for any taste! I think what we like the most is the “experience” we receive. The promise of a fun night in – it’s quite tempting! Presentation is good, everything arrives exactly as it should and considering it traveled a long way, we are pleased! Quality is awesome, we love that they’ve included some all natural brands and some fun and tasty food items as well! Curation is great, we love the items that we received and think this box really is a great way to spend your night in! 
Definitely a great gift idea for the book junkie in your life or a way to get some “me time” in at least once a month (we know that feeling), The price of $24.82 is awesome as well! Especially considering this includes shipping to the US. We think this box is a great value!

Use code IMNOTATREE10 off for your first 6 months

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