Science of Skin: Solution for Scars | Review

*product was received free for review

The Science of Skin’s Solution for Scars is a scientifically proven cream that reduces the appearance of scars. A 30ml of this all natural scar reducer cost 18.99 (GBP)

I have a few scars that bother me. Particularly one on my lip where I had nine stitches as a teenager. 
Solution for Scars relieves redness of scars with an active green tea extract formula. It is odorless and colorless. Also free of parabens. 
This is the scar on my lip… I am kind of pushing it out with my tongue so it’s a bit better to see. Solution for Scars doesn’t erase scars – it takes the redness and irritability out of them. This particular scar always seems red or black and blue so I figured I would give it a shot.
While the container isn’t huge it’s important to note that this stuff goes a long way. The directions are pretty simple; apply 2-3 times a day and rub in for approximately 1 minute. 
I also tested it out on some stretch marks on my legs just to see!
Even though I used this nearly two weeks I experienced diminished redness within the first couple days. What you see here is the end result.
It will always have a “swollen” look to it unless I get some sort of plastic surgery but the redness and black and blue appearance is entirely gone!
As far as the stretch marks. It did reduce the “patchiness” of those as well. 
Overall, I’m really pleased with this product. Definitely a great option for red C-Section scars or any red or irritable scars you want to blue a bit!

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