Target Beauty Box | Review | Unboxing | February

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Each month Target comes out with it’s own beauty box that ranges in price from $5 – $10 (usually $7) Always a great deal and in limited quantities it’s worth waiting around for if you ask us!
(We just used a general Target link since the beauty box links aren’t available until they are up for sale)

Check out the unboxy box video

So what did we get?

For every bottle of the Soapbox shampoo or conditioner you buy they donate one to someone in need which is cool! These smell very much like coconut other than that we can’t say much since we haven’t used them yet.
We received the eye cream in our Birchbox for February as well. We’ll definitely use this but can’t say we are thrilled having received it
This is the second time we’ve received this in a Target box. Probably because it’s available exclusively at Target. We aren’t mad at them though! This thing is awesome! We love the coverage and the dewy finish that it leaves. 
Eh.. the box was so full we can’t complain that they included one of these!
The scent of this Green Tea and Pear Blossom perfume is amazing! This is probably the best perfume sample we’ve smelled in a really long time! Another important note is that this is a spray sample which we adore!
These wraps claim to last for 14 days. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet to find out although we love the little floral print on them! Can’t wait to try them out!
If you watched the unboxing I wasn’t sure if you had to air dry your hair or something? Not the case, this is simply a texturizer that doesn’t leave your hair hard and scrunchy. It leaves your hair weightless and beautiful. Absolutely addicted to this stuff now!
We love these little tubes of lotion. This one is not a metal tube though, it’s plastic and kind of isn’t as good a quality as others we have received. The scent Sea Lily and Jasmine is fabulous though!
The flavor free balm offers extreme hydration for immediate relief for chapped and sore lips. 

In summary

We love the Target Box. we didn’t even bother with the prices because we think it’s pretty clear that the $7 we spent were well worth it. If you like a surprise this is a good box for you. If you like drugstore brands and trying the newest of them all definitely check back here for when the new Target boxes become available!

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