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*product was received free for review

Alpha Outpost is a monthly men’s subscription box that sends a kit of items that aid in different situations one might encounter. We reviewed their February Box and it was awesome! Month to month subscriptions are $39.95 + shipping. There are slight reductions in cost with longer subscription terms.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Alpha Outpost package for the month of March. 
We think their box is pretty cool and love their box inserts as well
Everything that we received in our Alpha Outpost. The theme for this month is “Medic” and we have received a kit of supplies fit for… a medic!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts

Emergency! Someone is traumatically injured and EMS is not near by. Here are the tools and training to help save the day until the experts arrive.

One of the things that you can count on with this box is lots of branded materials. Here is a cool yellow and black sticker with the Alpha Outpost logo.
Never know when you are going to need some gauze. This was an extra that we received in the box.
Because Alpha Outpost is veteran owned and operated they’ve used some of their field knowledge and compiled some from Combat Medics, Green Berets and a former CIA Operative to create this MEDIC Emergency Manual. Mr. I’m Not a Tree was really impressed with this!
There is tons of really useful information in here for a variety of different situations. Perfect to keep in your first aid kit!
This simple and fast tourniquet can be used on others or even yourself
The unique locking mechanism
These angled scissors are included so that we can cut the bandages and gauze that have been included. Perfect addition to a first aid kit as well.
The rest of the box was split up into different packs with medical supplies for different situations.

“Loss of breath and the victim is down
use these tools to bring them around”

 In this kit intended to aid in a situation where someone stops breathing we received;  Nasopharyngeal Hose, Oropharyngeal Hose, CPR Mask, Lube and Gloves. 
All of the kits come in these sealed bags, so everything is sterile

“Shot or stabbed they only have minutes to spare
these tools give you time until experts are there”

In this kit we received; gauze, medical tape, a chest seal, and gloves. These items are intended to be used if someone has a life threatening chest wound. We are really hoping that we never need the supplies that we received but we feel somewhat safer knowing that we now have them!

“Bones are broken help is far away
Here are the tools you need to help save the day”

The fracture kit contains everything you’ll need to help someone who has broken a bone. We think this is awesome for hikers and people that like to venture out into the great outdoors! In this kit we received a Sam Splint, pressure wrap, medical tape, gauze and gloves

Blood is everywhere and you don’t know why
Here are some tools to help get them by

This pack will be used in coordination with the RATS Tourniquet shown above
We feel kind of proud of ourselves because we did know that you can use superglue on cuts! In this kit, one to tame profuse blood loss we received; a pressure bandage, medical tape, gauze, super glue, and gloves
A bag to put all of our kits inside. Here’s hoping an occasion never arises where we’ll need them! But if it does we feel a little more prepared. We’ve put this entire kit in the trunk of our car.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Alpha Outpost is an awesome box for guys that doesn’t send the typical items you’d imagine receiving and we just think that is awesome! The presentation is great with this box. Both months that we’ve received Alpha Outpost the box looked great and everything arrived exactly as it should. The quality is awesome, all of the kits are hermetically sealed and we’ve received REAL medical equipment. Definitely covered that area! Curation is awesome too – what an amazing grouping of items?! We’ve never received anything like this before and we think that this is a really well thought out and intelligent collection of first aid items. We love that they’ve collaborated with experts as well! We think the Alpha Outpost is for any “man’s man” out there and would make an AWESOME birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day gift to the special guy in your life!
As far as box economy for the $39.95 that Alpha Outpost costs we received well over $105 in products! We think that alone makes this box worth it. But we also received really incredibly valuable knowledge as well which we can’t put a price on!

Check Out Alpha Outpost

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