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Squix is a monthly subscription that sends you an arsenal of supplies to combat germs and bacteria and dirt! First of it’s kind, subscriptions are $21.98 a month. We did receive a promo offer that is no longer valid. (We paid a penny)

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Squix Subscription Box
Everything that we received in our Squix Subscription Box. On top of the monthly items they also include some freebies and extras in each box!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert, they’ve included our penny. So, this box is essentially… FREE
These are a really great idea for your steering wheel. Who knows all the things we touch when we are out shopping. Now we can clean our steering wheels of yucky germs and clean it at the same time!
This is an interesting product. First time we’ve ever hear of it. Basically it’s a sticky microfiber patch you stick to the back of your phone for the instances when you want to wipe it off. The best part? Is that the entire thing is washable and reusable… yes even the sticky!
What germ fighting box would be complete without a little hand sani?!
The mouth is the gateway to our inner health so why not cover up your toothbrush from all those nasty bathroom germs? While inside the Steripod sterilizes your toothbrush as well! Great idea!
Tried and True! A go to staple in our house when we want to clean up something we want NO REMINDERS of! These wipes are scented in lemon lime blossom and kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

So in summary

The Squix Subscription Box has certainly introduced us to a couple new products and sent us a few of our faves as well. This is definitely a great idea for Moms and families in general! Despite the “germ” concept of this box they’ve managed to keep the assortment fun and colorful
As far as box economy for the $21.98 the box costs we received about $16.95 in products so the price point seems a bit high, nevertheless this box was a lot of fun!

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