American Gluten Free | Review | March 2016

 American Gluten Free is a monthly subscription box that sends you a great mix of American made gluten free food items. You can expect to receive 8 or more gluten free full sized snack foods.
Subscriptions are $36.95 each month. Use code 6MO25 and you’ll receive $25 off a 6 month subscription
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

 Our first glimpse inside the American Gluten Free March Box. We really love the way this box is packaged!
 Everything that we received in our March Box! Once again this is an awesome assortment. In case you missed it, here is our review from last month

So what is all this stuff?

 Our box inserts. These tell us each product that we received and also a little bit about each vendor!
Included because what’s a great compliment to corned beef leftovers? Mustard! 
 Made in Illinois this mustard is a two time medalist of the National Mustard Museum’s Mustard Competition! We love mustard, so this is a welcome inclusion.
These are so yummy. A bit like fruit leather but thicker, these bars have nothing but what is stated. 1 apple and 12 strawberries in this one. We were excited to see that they are also offering astronaut fruit  on their site as well!
We’ve had these bars before and liked them very much. These are an excellent alternative to traditional fruit bars that have added sugar and preservatives. 
 Throw these in your purse for a great on the go snack! 
These organic peppermints are all natural with nothing that we can’t pronounce. Love the little tin that they come in!
 Peppermint is great! This is a universal flavor that everyone can appreciate for it’s breath saving properties but the other flavors they have  half tempt us to buy some and review for you guys.
They have Ginger Mint, Cafe Express, and CHAI just to name a couple of the tasty sounding ones! 
All natural jelly beans!? Don’t mind if we do! We’ve had these Surf Beans before and they are very good, taste just like fruit juice. They seem to be everywhere lately and that’s fine with us. An excellent alternative particularly around Easter time!
Without sounding totally daft we didn’t know it was just the yolk that had gluten. We really did think it was the whole egg. This cute egg separator keeps your hands clean and is used to easily separate yolk from egg white!
This small batch high protein pasta is gluten free and made with Michigan White Beans!
 It cooks in three minutes which is great for those days when you need to eat in a hurry but want a meal. We are super excited to try these because they are flavored with Garlic and Parsley!
A great snack for the cool spring evenings! We received the Vermont Maple & Sea Salt flavor and it was phenomenal! They also have a tasty Parmesan Rosemary flavor and :GASP: a popcorn SUBSCRIPTION! 
The bag is safe and all natural. Nothing in there that could be transferred into your popcorn. There’s also seasoning packets to add after you’ve popped your corn. One is the butter and the other is the maple seasoning
This was definitely tasty and the kids LOVED the sweet flavor. 
I think this is an awesome alternative to typical microwave popcorn and LOVE the packaging
These all paleo, vegan, gluten free wraps are made entirely of coconut. We haven’t had a chance to try these yet but are certainly excited to. The Julian Bakery carries a wide variety of paleo food – so it’s definitely a site to check out!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The American Gluten Free subscription box is presented excellently each month. We love the box and the attention to details! Quality is awesome. Such a wonderful selection of American made food products! The curation is awesome as well, they’ve taken so much of the troubling work of finding good alternatives to foods that contain gluten. We are really impressed with this box and think it’s a lot of fun that we’ve received a kitchen accessory as well in both boxes! Definitely a fun take on dietary restrictions!
As far as box economy the American Gluten Free subscription box costs $36.95 each month and for that we received  about $38 in products, so this box is definitely a great value!

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