Story Surprise Subscription | Review + Update

Story Surprise will no longer be continuing it’s subscription service. It has made the decision to close subscriptions to reorganize. Hopefully we do see them again because this box is awesome. 
You get a book based upon your child’s age. The price is an amazing $5.79 a month

Here’s the Box Breakdown
First glimpse inside Penelope’s Box
First glimpse inside Isabelle’s Box

So what did we get?

A story surprise Gift Card for three free books and our box inserts
Penny’s Book
This very cool atlast! She is really happy to have received this, she didn’t know what an atlas was and asked. When she was told it is a “book of maps” her face lit up!
Lots of details about different places. All about the wildlife and climate. Perfect for Penny’s age group!
Isabelle’s Book
The precious and beloved “Kissing Hand”
Belle loves this because she’s read it in school
We didn’t have our own copy of it though, so this was great to receive!
If you haven’t read this with your little one yet it’s a must!

So in summary

We loved the two boxes that we received! Please do come back Story Surprise, between your price and selection we think you have awesome potential!

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