Grow Journey Seed of the Month Subscription | Review + Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Grow Journey is a seed of the month subscription. You choose your subscription which is determined by square footage. Over 100 square feet for $14.99 monthly and $9.99 for smaller gardens that are less than 100 square feet and reduced prices for longer subscription terms for both! 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside the Grow Journey package
Everything that we received in our Grow Journey packet. There are five different kinds of seeds included! What a great variety!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. Grow Journey has a referral program! There’s also the letter that explains about your organic heirloom seeds and how you can login to your account and see all the information about your seeds and different things like quick guides, grow guides and grow plans!
Because so many seeds are included you may want to share with a friend (or two, or three)
We had no idea seeds were viable for this long! These are good for 2-4 years! We actually planted some of these. We are so excited to have some homegrown vegetables
First frost here is April 14 so planting them two weeks before first frost makes this a perfect time to plant them!
I had my little helper helping me clear one of our little garden plots!
It’s too early here for Sunflowers but we do love to plant them. Our backyard gets the perfect amount of afternoon sunlight. We grew them last year and it was wonderful, very happy to receive these!
It’s still a little too early to plant these, but we love fried okra so definitely interested in seeing how this turns out! We were really intrigued at how high this Okra will grow, anywhere from 4-10 feet! We had no idea Okra grew that tall!
Check back in on our What’s Up Wednesdays for garden updates! 
Most excited about these little berry plants! How awesome is the idea of going out and picking some of your own berries! Still a little early (can plant them in about two weeks). These sounds like they will be delicious! 
We just planted some lettuce and radishes so it looks like we will be having one awesome salad pretty soon. We planted these along with the beets because it is the perfect time for it! 
We received so many seeds we didn’t even need a quarter of them! These should take about two months to grow! 
Here’s a picture of our little plot all planted with the new veggies. The pile of debris is what we cleared out from the winter! 

So in summary

We can’t do our typical breakdown with a subscription like Grow Journey. When we sign up we know we are going to be receiving seeds. We were impressed with the selection and sheer AMOUNT that we received! We really love that these are high quality seeds and also heirloom. We can find new variations of vegetables that we know and love and the possibility of sharing these with friends and family is very nice! 
We think for the price the Grow Journey Seed Subscription is an absolute steal and we can’t wait until our garden starts blooming and growing! 

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And don’t forget to check back for garden updates!

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  1. Thank you for the review, Asheli! Glad you and your family liked your seeds, and some of the little details we provide like seed viability info. Many new and even seasoned gardeners don't realize that most seed varieties will last for years, so you don't have to plant them all at once or even during the year you get them. We also put our seeds in plastic baggies inside their packets to further extend their viability and protect them from any moisture damage (which saves you money and gives you better growing results). One thing that might help you grow your best veggies ever is our March Tip of the Month about no-till organic gardening: We switched to no-till organic gardening over 5 years ago and the results have been incredible. Happy gardening!

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