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*product was received free for review

History Unboxed is a monthly subscription box that sends you a box from a different historical era. You’ll receive a coloring sheet, a sticker, 1-2 high quality crafts, and 2-3 additional items each month.
Subscriptions are $29.97 + shipping, monthly

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside our History Unboxed, Box. A comic!
Everything that we received in our History Unboxed Subscription. We are learning about the Mauryan Empire. Something we’ve never heard of before!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert also serves as our information source about the Mauryan Empire and our crafts reference
Coloring Sheet
Our coloring sheet is a comic! Lots of fun. Penny really liked this idea.
Pigment Powders
These pigment powders were included in these three colors to help us complete our Rangoli Art. 
Pigment Shaker
This pigment shaker helps us to just lightly dust the pigments onto our stencil. Admittedly, when we took this picture we weren’t aware it was a shaker. We just thought it was a little container!
Agarbatti and Essential Oils
One of the crafts that was included was making our own stick incense. We received three kinds of essential oils, two droppers, and four unscented sticks
Hand Carved Wooden Stamp
The Mauryan’s used these wooden stamps to do what’s called block printing. Which is stamping close together to create a pattern of the stamps image. In this case a little star!
It’s about as long as a cork
Rangoli Stencil
Rangoli art is placed in the entryways or patios of homes. This peacock will make a bright and beautiful greeting!
Ashoka Pillars Sticker
This is a sticker of the stone pillars of Ashoka.
The welcome box for the History Unboxed subscription includes a timeline on which you place your stickers on the right period in time

Okay so now what?

The first thing we decided to do was to create our custom incense
There were three sticks so we invited Belle to help!
There were three scents, and while they weren’t labeled we think one was cinnamon, another frankincense, and licorice. 
Belle’s stick was just cinnamon
Penny did a cinnamon and licorice mix. These scents are very strong and at this point my entire dining room smelled of essential oils
Our three finished sticks! The final stick was a frankincense and cinnamon. Frankly, we have a feeling this will be the best. They are in a cup overnight drying!
Our next project was the Rangoli Art
We took the pigments, stencil, and shaker out onto the back patio to give this a whirl
We first went with green on the feathers. We followed with some red on the body of the peacock and finally another dusting (or so we thought) of blue on the feathers
Went a little overboard and realized this Rangoli Art thing takes a little practice
It still looks cool to us though!
Our final mini craft was the wooden stamp
All the items we used to create our “block printing”
We even broke out the scented markers for this one!
Our finished block prints

So in summary

We look for three different things in a subscription box; quality, presentation, and curation. History Unboxed is a fun way to incorporate learning into your everyday life. The presentation is good, everything arrived exactly as it should have. The quality is awesome, we love how informative the pamphlet was and how fun and unique the crafts were. Curation is excellent, this kit is a great way to sneak in learning. The Mauryan Empire was new to everyone here so we all learned something which is awesome! But the Rangoli Art and the Agarbatti were new to us as well, and were interesting and fun.
As far as box economy the History Unboxed subscription is $29.97 monthly and while we can’t really break down the prices for the items in a box like this. Most of what we pay for is the time spent in curating and refining all the educational materials. We think this box is well worth it’s price!

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