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The Willie Wags is a brand new subscription box that sends fabulous items from women owned small businesses and gives back to and supports women owned small business by donating a portion of proceeds to growth opportunities for female small business owners. More a movement than a subscription this box promises inspiration and fun! Subscriptions are $59.99 a month
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*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside The Willie Wags Box and we are super excited to see what’s in here!
Everything that we received in our very first The Willie Wags Box!
What an amazing assortment of items!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that explains The Willie Wags and it’s philosophy (which we LOVE)
Levant Corner Store Whoopie Pies
There were two of these GIANT whoopie pies included in our The Willie Wags Subscription
The Levant Corner Store is a small corner store located in Levant, Maine.
Their Whoopie Pies have been voted people’s choice the past three years in the state of Maine’s annual Whoopie Pie Fest (yes, they exist… where have they been all of our lives?)
What a monster… we had trouble eating all of this… but we managed
This is the peanut butter but there was also a vanilla included as well. To be honest we aren’t sure which we prefer!
The Bangle Bear Silver Cuff
Something we wish we’d thought of ourselves, a hair-tie bracelet!
We are always excited to receive jewelry in silver tones rather than gold so this was awesome!
The groove in the cuff holds you hair tie firmly in place!
And the best part? You can color coordinate!
Limited Edition Artwork by Cynthia Bogart
Cynthia Bogart is an illustrator from New York City who’s illustrations and watercolor works can be found on anything from postcards to scarves or cell phone covers!
The watercolor that we received is gorgeous and will look great in our powder room. We have a florally- shabby chic motif in there that will totally make this bohemian floral piece of art look absolutely stunning!
Water Bottle Decal by LG Design
Ours wasn’t in it’s little envelope. However, when we contacted The Willie Wags they shot us a replacement immediately. In fact all of our correspondence with them has been fast and pleasant!
“Make it Happen” by Lara Casey
Lara Casey is the publisher of Southern Weddings Magazine, an inspirational speaker and author who wrote the book we received, Make it Happen!
The book’s premise is choosing purpose over perfection in our everyday lives. It promises to be a great read for any busy boss lady!
We have to say we are really excited to read this. We like to be reflective and really give our decisions and choices the time they deserve. Books like this help us to build confidence to make choices and stick to them!
2016 Undated Planner by Passion Planner
Are you a planner addict like us? This is our absolute favorite item in this box and possibly ever! Super high quality and just an all around unique and fabulous planner. 
This planner goes far beyond the average planner by including different ways to add in and work towards your goals and keep your eye on them everyday!
Each month features focuses and check in’s
And there’s space on each page for personal or passion projects and goals for both
There’s an appointment tracker as well!
There’s even graph paper and journal paper at the back. We could put a hundred pictures that testify how awesome this planner is but we think you just have to take our word for it!
Parrot Design Studio Notepads
We love the sentiment here. We actually had a little sticky magnet we fastened to the back of this notepad so we could hang it on our refrigerator
Both of these items are great for anyone who’s busy or on the go! Staying organized is tough work!
The little sticky notes that have their own envelope are also a very great touch! The kids won’t know what they are to steal them!
Not sure if you can tell but the side of the notepad has gold leafing… so fancy!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Willie Wags is an amazing new subscription box that is really at a new forefront in women supporting women. We love the premise of building a strong tribe of loyal women working together to better each other! As far as presentation every thing is excellently presented. Each item had a tag with retail price and information about the business. We love the insert as well! The quality of this box is amazing! Everything is superb and we received a number of items we would have bought ourselves, no questions asked! Curation is a hit also. Everything included in this box is tailored to a busy women. Whether you are busy keeping up with your children’s schedules or deadlines or even (ugh) both this box has thought of you. This is an amazing box for that woman we know (maybe it’s you) who never sleeps; who just powers through and juggles it all and still ends the day with a smile on her face, The Willie Wags subscription box is her box!
As far as box economy The Willie Wags Subscription Box costs $59.99 monthly and for that we received $131 in items! What an amazing assortment of items! We love this new subscription box!
And don’t forget, use code NOTATREE10 for 10% off your first The Willie Wags Box!

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