Stitch Fix | Fix #1 | Review + Unboxing

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Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription that sends you a hand selected (by stylist) assortment of clothing items. You take a detailed survey upon subscribing and your stylist selects items based on your preferences and then each month based on what you’ve kept and returned sends you even more detailed garments. Subscriptions are $20 a month which can be applied to anything you choose to purchase. You are given a return bag and label to send back anything you don’t keep.

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside. Everything is all wrapped in this pretty tissue paper.
So we dropped the ball and forgot to take a photo of everything as we always do. 
We liked everything that we received though, and think that our stylist Lauren did a great job.

So what is all this stuff?

There were many inserts with information about each garment that we received inside this envelope.
To be honest, we were surprised by the three day limit that Stitch Fix has. Everything has to be sent back (if you don’t keep it) within three days. So we kind of put this together in a rush. We promise next month will have zillions of more details!
Pixley Textured Knit Dress
This dress was really pretty. Although, jury is out on whether this was flattering or not. Note: need to learn to take better ootd pics.
Thoughts – the color is gorgeous. Our favorite shade of gray. However the geometric design is… it looks a bit like a drapery. No offense, it is pretty just not sure. The cut as well seems a bit too long. It goes to just below the knee which seemed awkward.
Papermoon Scallop Detail Blouse
At first glance, we thought we wouldn’t like this shirt on because it seemed a bit fad-dy. The scalloping detail was pretty but will it be in forever? Then we tried it on and fell in love with the way it hung particularly with the jeans that were sent to us. Felt like a dancer!
There was a smudge on our camera which is why these pictures look foggy. 
But the scalloping was on either side and somewhat resembled wings. It was beautiful. The material was like crepe paper and being a Mom of four … that is scary. Not our stylist’s fault though. We were very vague in our survey because we wanted to see what is most popular right now and didn’t want to narrow it down too much.
Just Black Dean Skinny Jean
These were so becoming and Stitch Fix has petites! At a whopping 5’3″ you can’t imagine how awesome that is. These were so nice – in the end we just weren’t ready to shell out 3/4’s of a 100 dollars on them though
The wash was nice as well
Skies are Blue Crochet Detail Top
We respect the work that went into all this embroidery but we just aren’t sold on this
The color is gorgeous but this is just not our style.
41Hawthorn Tab Sleeve Blouse
Sigh, kind of regret not keeping this. Would never have picked this out ourselves which is kind of why we liked it so much. The color is amazing and the way this fits and the material is so dreamy. It just glides over the body and hugs you perfectly!
We’ve committed (because of the prices) to only quarterly Stitch Fix purchases so we don’t go overboard and we didn’t want to use it up our first month!

So in summary

Stitch Fix is fun. We enjoyed trying everything on and are really looking forward to next month. We do think that 3 days isn’t quite enough and would like it to be 7 but we understand. We also wish they had a “I’m a Mom” option with some less expensive duds. We totally understand why the clothes are so expensive but would like some items in the $20-$30 range as well. Look out for next months… much better review! Now that we have sort of learned the ropes we can do a much more thorough job!

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