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EZPZ Mixes is an online retailer of fun baking kits for children. They also have a nifty monthly subscription where you’ll receive one of their fun, kid sized kits each month for $23.95 (price reductions for longer subscriptions available)

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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Our first glimpse inside our EZPZ Mix Subscription Box! This is absolutely adorable!
Everything that we received in our “Cha Cha Chocolate” EZPZ Mix Box
Everything is miniature and ever so cute!

So what is all this stuff?

EZPZ Mix Apron
Here’s my baby Belle in the EZPZ Mixes Apron! She was ecstatic to have her own apron! And they are kid sized to boot! 
Mini Bundt Pan
The most charming thing about the EZPZ Mixes box is the tiny “patisserie” style tools that we’ve received. Not only is this appealing to children but as an adult we can definitely appreciate this sweet notion of children making tiny food!
Here it is in my fingers, so you can really see the scale. So, “sweet”! We’re so punny!
Rubber Oven Mitts
These neon green oven mitts match the apron that we received and are a great way to instill safety in the kitchen to our children
No, they are not puppets… okay just for now they can be.
Mini Mixing Bowls
These mixing bowls have a style all their own. They are at once small but also very high quality and pretty darn cool if you ask us!
The teal bowl is a bit larger than the yellow so we have options as far as size. We really love that these have a pouring edge as well. The melamine is dishwasher safe for easy clean up!
Rubber Utensil Set
This three piece kid sized kitchen utensil set is bright and colorful and also useful! All of these tools are practical utensils that work!
Isabelle really thought that the basting brush was a mop! Gotta love kids
Cha Cha Chocolate Baking Kit
This kit included everything that we needed to make a mini chocolate bundt cake. All we needed to add was water and of course, love! 
There were also detailed instructions that made this cake a cinch to make

Okay, so now what?

First, we thoroughly read our instructions and lucky for us this is something we can pull off!
We preheat the oven and coat our bundt pan in a non-stick coating
Next, we get to mixing!
Our pre-portioned cake mix and chocolate chips
Combine the chips with the cake mix and water and stir
All of the tools that we received are the perfect size for children! Will definitely be reusing them for our baking forays in the future!
Now we pour the batter into the bundt pan.
She poured it a bit uneven but we let it be because she was very proud
Our finished and cooled cake.
Our last step is making the icing
Just as simple as making the cake all we need to do is add water and stir
We then drizzle our frosting over our cake. If you look closely Oliver came by and ripped a piece off… such is the reality of baking with kids!
Our final product!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. EZPZ Mixes is a kid friendly and colorful way to get kids interested in baking and following instructions. We love that it’s simple enough for children but also yields a fun and high quality result.. in a language kids can speak, dessert! The presentation is colorful and fun and everything arrives exactly as it should – so presentations is a hit! Quality is awesome as well, we love all the tiny little gadgets for little hands! Curation is also great, the only thing we needed to contribute to this mix was water which we as parents can definitely appreciate. Absolutely think this is a great idea if you have a little kitchen helper or would like a little kitchen helper! Kids love to model us and if we give them the proper tools we are also giving them confidence, I think that is the most appealing factor of the EZPZ Mix subscription. We get to impart our children with knowledge and confidence!
As far as box economy a month to month subscription to EZPZ Mixes is $23.95 in a month to month EZPZ box you’ll receive 4 of the Baking Kits plus a discount on the Little Bakers Club Box which has ALL of the tools available in it! And of course you can buy anything in their online shop!

And don’t forget to use code BAKE20 for 20% off your shop purchase

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4″ Bundt Cake Pan
Set of 2 Mixing Bowls
Baking Tools Set/3
Measuring Spoons
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  1. I LOVE baking and my daughter loves to help me bake so much! I have always wanted to own a bakery and she already has drawn up how she would decorate this bakery and what the cakes and cookies would look like. She is so cute with that! We use her easy bake oven together all the time. She would just love this! WE would just love this!!

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